Mercer Culinary

Deluxe Walnut Muddler

Measuring 8.5 inches long, Barfly’s Deluxe Walnut Muddler is designed for superb leverage and adaptability, working within a variety of mixing vessels. Made of durable walnut wood, the muddler features a broad, wide base for maximum surface extraction, as well as a tapered shape for easy handling.

Image credits:Barfly

Corkcoal Stopper

Combining cork and activated charcoal, the Corkcoal stopper is part of packaging solutions provider Estal’s Wild World series, which prioritizes sustainability and uses recyclable ingredients. Available in three shapes (barrel, cornice, and sharp), the Corkcoal neutralizes and traps unwanted substances and also reduces the potential for flavor transfer thanks to the blend of activated charcoal.

Image credits:Estal

FreshFry Pods

With a focus on sustainability, FreshFry created plant-based, all-natural pods to extend the life of frying oils by as many as three days. Cutting costs by a quarter on average, FreshFry Pods clean the oil by removing contaminants that make oil smoke, darken, and taste bitter. The end result is a higher quality and better-tasting product.

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Millennia Brisket Knife

Part of its Millennia line, Mercer Culinary’s new brisket knife is designed specifically for its namesake dish. The 12-inch blade is made of high-carbon Japanese steel for easy blade maintenance and sharpening, while the ergonomic, textured handle with finger points ensures slip resistance. The Millennia Brisket knife also features a patent-pending design that won’t catch or damage butcher blocks.

Image credits:Mercer Culinary

Butcher Bullnose & Breaking Knife

As part of Cutluxe’s Artisan series, the 10-inch Butcher Bullnose & Breaking Knife is made of German high-carbon stainless steel and sharpened at 14–16 degrees per side for peak performance. Though intended for cutting meats, the knife earned kudos from Bon Appetit for its ability to slice through the toughest produce.

Image credits:Cutluxe
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