A Hand Sprinkling Ingredients On Top Of Cabbage
Chef Yana Gilbuena Preparing Food At A Dining Table Lined With Banana Leaves
Chef Yana Gilbuena Preparing Food In A Kitchen
Pop Up Chef Yana Gilbuena Holding Flowers At The Farmer's Market
Chef Yana Gilbuena Scooping Rice At A Dining Table Lined With Banana Leaves

Without social media, Chef Yana Gilbuena says she doesn’t know how she would have pulled SALO Series off.

Before building her brand and her network, Gilbuena often cold-called restaurants and pitched them to let her do a pop-up.

Gilbuena has cooked her suppers in anything from a full commercial kitchen down to a 4-burner electric stove.

Sometimes she’s lucky enough to get a restaurant that’s willing to shop for her, but most of the time local farmers markets are where she finds the best products for her pop-ups.

Whether she’s searching for a pop-up location or interacting with her diners, Gilbuena strives to connect in an authentic way that has helped her build a following. She calls it “being able to touch their heartstrings.”

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