Made From Scratch
Delivering The Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap To The Future Of Food
The Bullhearted Brand

Made From Scratch

Made From Scratch, authored by the late Kent Taylor, tells the story behind Texas Roadhouse while simultaneously revealing its recipe for success—namely, embracing unorthodox business practices. The book gets its title from Taylor’s belief in making everything from scratch, down to the fresh-baked bread served in Texas Roadhouse locations throughout the country.

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R.E.D. Marketing: The Three Leading Ingredients of Leading Brands

Two towering figures in the restaurant world, Greg Creed (former CEO of Yum! Brands) and Ken Muench (CMO of Yum! Brands), share the scoop on all things marketing. The book offers insights into subjects such as neuroscience and behavioral economics; it also offers tips for achieving a breakout marketing campaign utilizing their R.E.D. methodology.

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Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food

Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn’s book delves into the digital disruption that’s shaking up the industry. The book, which was completed after extensive interviews with experts such as restaurateurs, software entrepreneurs, and heads of startups, explores the effects of a world increasingly reliant on delivery and digital options.

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The Bullhearted Brand

Author Joseph Szala explores successful strategies related to building restaurant brands that stick out and stick around. Szala, who founded restaurant branding strategy and design agency Vigor, applies his years of knowledge in this book as he looks at the foundational elements and details related to creating and scaling restaurant brands.

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