Employee Health Survey By HotSchedules
BOHA! COVID Readiness And Prevention Program
Touchland KUB Dispenser
Employee Health Survey by HotSchedules

The new Employee Health Survey by HotSchedules (now powered by Fourth) prompts employees to answer a series of questions on HotSchedules regarding their health. A staff list is then generated, showing employees who are and are not eligible to work that day. The app also helps managers find other staff members to pick up open shifts. Fourth.com

BOHA! COVID Readiness and Prevention Program

The BOHA! COVID Readiness and Prevention Program reinforces new and updated standard procedures with digital accuracy and accountability. The digital platform streamlines operations and gives insights as to the execution of the new guidelines related to cleaning and staff health-check protocols. Transact-Tech.com

Touchland KUB Dispenser

The hands-free KUB hand-sanitizer dispenser uses a proprietary app and IoT technology to send refill and low battery alerts. Its aqueous formula cartridges last twice as long as competitors’ gel cartridges. Businesses can also customize their KUB dispensers. Touchland.com

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