Vans X H&B Slip Ons
Get Sh!t Done Socks
Animal Classic Apron
Ginger Classic Apron
Bordeaux Classic Apron
Hedley & Bennett Ampersand Pin
Chambray Work Shirt
Vans X H&B Slip On UC
The Chef Backpack
Mise Knife Bag
Soft Toe Boot
Union Stitch & Design

Look good, feel good is our motto for these 12 items that anyone in the restaurant industry will be eager to get in their closets.

These smart socks are inspired by the sayings of true go-getters while the full body mesh venting provides temperature regulation to keep chefs and hard workers throughout the restaurant cool, no matter how long the shift is.

Ellen’s Pick — Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, the owners and chefs behind Animal in Los Angeles, were some of the very first members of the Apron Squad. This apron named in their honor is made from Italian selvedge denim and is a favorite among chefs. The official hashtag? #SelvedgeTrimFTW.

Ellen’s Pick — Can we say it? OK, we’ll say it. Mustard hues are in for good! This apron squad favorite is made with American canvas from one of the last mills left in the US. The canvas is sanded down to make the softest fabric ever.

Ellen’s Pick — H&B sourced a beautifully deep burgundy chino twill that matches the depth and character of one of the best places on earth, Bordeaux. It’s not just for the sommelier. The white contrast piping makes the color pop for everyone.

Ellen’s Pick — This beaut is named for the all-American denim mill in North Carolina. The high-quality American selvedge denim accents the pockets. Mr. Cone represents the tradition of quality and authenticity at H&B.

Editor’s Pick — Anyone can join the Apron Squad with the Hedley & Bennett Ampersand Pin. Ellen pinned me at this year’s National Restaurant Association Restaurant Show in Chicago. I’m an honorary restaurant sideline member, and you can be, too.

Ellen’s mission is to help chefs feel awesome by looking awesome and here’s a star from the lineup. This shirt looks awesome in and out of the kitchen, but the fabric was chosen for breathability and tricked out with a hidden pen pocket at a slant so pens won’t fall out. A dark interior color also conceals sweat, just in case.

For H&B’s first-ever shoe collection, they partnered up with California’s quintessential sneaker brand, Vans. They’re built for function with increased grip and traction in the soles, and for fun with H&B’s signature pops of color.

Tilit created the Chef Backpack through a series of designs with input from cooks and chefs throughout the country. The backpack is designed to carry chef clothes, tech, tools, and knives safely to and from work without the need for a second tool bag. Interior cutlery compartments are made from durable, slash-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant materials.

The ultimate carrying case to withstand the hustle. Ellen’s chef collaborations helped her identify the problems kitchen rock stars run into when transporting their tools. Then she designed the most functional yet minimal design to answer those questions and then some.

The best boots whether you’re tending the bar or hitting the bar. Firebrand’s Soft Toe is slip resistant and chic and bar tenders call it “the best damn shoe” they’ve ever owned.

There’s another apron getting attention on the scene. Denver’s Union Stitch & Design outfits more than 50 of the city’s restaurants and all aprons are made locally. Restaurants can select custom fabrics and choose pocket and length details.

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