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While restaurants welcome heavy foot traffic and busy dayparts, made-in-house specialties can become trickier to execute amid the hustle and bustle. The Robot Coupe hummus machine, the Blixer 10, provides a helping hand by yielding consistent dishes every time. But the Blixer 10 isn’t a one-dish pony; it also whips up other dips like guacamole and baba ganoush.

When it comes to the back of house, there is no one-size-fits-all standard. Instead, operators need appliances and tools that are as unique as their brands. Glastender’s Modular Beverage Stations (CAB-MBS) feature 11 highly configurable modules that can be mixed and matched to meet restaurants’ varied needs, such as beverage service, food prep, and ice cream service. The stainless steel construction ensure long-term durability and greater corrosion resistance.

From John Boos comes a new Stainless Steel Demo Cart that not only looks good, but performs well, too. Show off your products on the stainless steel top, which has a satin finish, and store product below in one of two 20-by-20-inch drawers. The cart is designed on four heavy-duty, locking casters and features an adjustable demo mirror with an aluminum frame. Cart, mirror, drawers, and casters are each sold separately.

Hollymatic’s new Hi-Yield 14-Inch Meat Saw boasts a space-saving footprint, but that’s not all. Its swing-open construction means cleaning and blade-changing is a breeze. The machine’s stainless steel top and its lower wheels are standard and can be easily removed for faster cleaning. Peaked upper housing helps prevent water damage, and double-flanged wheels provide blade retention and tracking.

The HANS Premium Water Appliance is a triple threat. The small-footprint appliance leaves water virtually contaminant-free without using salt or taste-altering disinfectants, while safely removing hardness from H2O, which cuts down on back-of-house equipment repairs and replacements caused by mineral buildup. Clean water from this new appliance is not only healthier, but also ups the tastiness of food and beverages and lessens the amount of detergent needed when cleaning dishes and equipment.

The robots have arrived. Dishcraft this year unveiled the first Automated Dishroom. Using robotics, process innovation, and machine learning to sort, scrub, inspect, and rack dishes, the technology makes dishrooms reliable, safe, and sustainable. The result? A consistent level of quality for all dishes and no more high turnover in your dishroom.

The Walco Idol Chafer Collection is designed to work under a sneeze guard. The pans can be used with an induction heating source and feature a slow-closing hinge for no sudden slams during operation. The Walco Idol Chafer Collection stays clean, with a drip-less design that allows lid condensation to flow into the water pan. Lid cutouts keep serving utensils—and heat—inside the pans.

The new Vector H Series Multi-Cook ovens help chefs do more with less. Featuring up to four independent oven chambers in a ventless footprint with Structured Air Technology, the Vector H Series uses Alto-Shaam’s most advanced control yet. Back-of-house teams can cook a variety of menu items from pre-programmed recipes simultaneously without flavor transfer thanks to independently controlled temperature, fan speed, and cook time in each chamber.

With the exception of ice cream shops, restaurants can only dedicate so much space to dessert. The Mini Soft Compact Soft-Serve Machine from Tribest Professional measures a mere 8 inches wide; its depth of 27 inches means it fits snuggly on most countertops. In addition to ice cream and frozen yogurt, Mini Soft can make smoothie and açai bowls.

Chilling just got easier thanks to Unified Brands’ Randell BC Series Blast Chillers. To provide greater control over refrigerated food storage, the new collection incorporates more technologically advanced features such as easy-to-use, intuitive touch-screen controls; no-program-required, auto-launch cooling feature; and a color-coded probe identification system ensuring proper probe placement. There are three chillers in the series, which have capacities ranging from three to 18 pans.

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