Restaurant Technology News and Trends

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Emerging trends, proven solutions, and all the news about the best technology products and services in the hospitality industry—written from the perspective of what delivers ROI for full-service restaurants.


OTG Servers Work Smart with Apple

Like tech junkies the world over, at least one restaurant group was thrilled when Apple released its new smartwatch in April.

New LivingSocial Restaurants Plus Program Launches Pilot in Atlanta

LivingSocial, the local marketplace to find and share city experiences and more, launched Restaurants Plus, a new pilot program empowering consumers to eat at restaurants and save money automatical

New App Uses Beacon Technology to Enhance Guest Experience

At Mani Osteria & Bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, owner Adam Baru was regularly serving two future business partners without even realizing it.

iPad Systems Hint at the Future of POS

Powerful point-of-sale systems have become a critical component of today’s restaurant environment, but—with dozens of POS systems available—choosing among them can be a Herculean

Delivery Service Helps Restaurants Expand Reach and Profits

Wilson Tang, the owner of the New York City Chinatown restaurant Nom Wah Tea Parlor, has no trouble recalling life before Caviar. The cab fare alone jogs his memory.

Digital Platform Aims to Close the Gap Between Restaurants and Vendors

Guy Praisler had no idea what he was getting into, which, he now freely admits, might be the exact reason he decided to give the restaurant industry a shot in the first place.

Managing and Reporting Servers’ Tips

Aleks Stepanovich had worked in the restaurant industry for years—from server to manager to an operator—and saw firsthand the hassles that came from distributing tips fairly and reporti

Guests are Judging Your Restaurant Menu

Shifting menu trends in the industry mean that restaurateurs must continuously evaluate and update your menu.

Restaurant Group Creates its Own App

When Patrick Lee, owner and operator of the Grafton Group in Massachusetts, and his team of managers first dreamed up a tasting tour that would visit each of the group’s four properties, disc

Ruby Tuesday Aids Hiring and Onboarding with Oracle

Ruby Tuesday Inc., an American multinational foodservice hospitality company that owns, operates, and franchises Ruby Tuesday restaurants, has improved its applicant tracking and onboarding process