Customer Service in Restaurants

FSR reports news and best practices for providing diners the full-service experience.


US Foods' Tipping Point Boosts Sales, Service at Independent Restaurants

Looking to close the gap between single-unit operators and large chains, US Foods' latest program standardizes training and improves operations.

Survey: More Than One in 10 Diners Have Skipped on Bill

QikServe, a mobile order and payment specialist, reveled that more than one in 10 of consumers admit to having left a restaurant, café or bar without paying.

Consolidated Restaurant Operations Will Begin Door-to-Door Delivery

DoorDash, a Silicon Valley technology company, and Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc., a multi-national restaurant operations company, announced a new partnership to provide door-to-door food

Why Restaurants are Saying 'No' to Customers

In an industry where the answer is always supposed to be yes, independent operators are finding it’s more productive and more profitable to say “No Reservations.”

The Lunch Rush is On: Buffalo Wild Wings Guarantees 15-Minute Meal

Here’s one sports cliché Buffalo Wild Wings has turned into a promise: Start the clock.

New Study Finds Restaurant Diners Want to Be Heard

According to findings from a new survey released by Original Review, a provider of in-house restaurant review technology for real-time diner feedback, restaurant goers are skeptical of restaurant r

Cornell Analysis Finds Reasons for Upscale Restaurants to Abandon Tipping

Recent debates over raising the minimum wage and lowering tip credits have renewed interest in the question of whether restaurants should replace tipping with service charges or higher service-incl

Chili’s Boosts its Bottom Line by Reducing Employee Turnover

Back in 2003, Chili’s Grill & Bar was having a challenging time with the amount of employee turnover and wanted to find a better solution in weeding out candidates for its management posi

Real-Time Reviews Promote Guest Interaction

Ildefonso Jimenez, the owner of Si Tapas restaurant, wanted to present a slice of Madrid in downtown Dallas. That meant paying attention to even the smallest details.

James Beard-Winning Jonathon Sawyer Enters Realm of Chef-Driven Delivery

Adjacent to his downtown Cleveland restaurant Noodlecat, James Beard Award-winning Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s commissary churns out homemade pasta, vinegar, and pickles for his celebrated group o