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Organizations Fight 30-Hour Work Week Under Health Care Law

The National Restaurant Association along with organizations representing hundreds of thousands of employers and tens of millions of employees are launching the "Mo

Chefs Gather for Advocacy and Policy Change

More than a dozen chefs from around the country will convene for the James Beard Foundation (JBF)’s fifth Chefs Boot Camp for Policy &

NRA Commends Anti-Hunger Measure

The National Restaurant Association on Thursday thanked members of the House Committee on Ways and Means for approving the “Fighting Hunger

Record Number Flock to D.C. to Advocate for Industry

Healthcare, immigration reform, and minimum wage hikes were among the top issues restaurateurs discussed with members of Congress during the National Restaurant Association’s 2014 Public Affa

Minimum Wage Effort Stalls in Senate

Senate Democrats were unable to advance their bill to raise the minimum wage Wednesday, failing by a vote of 54-42, six votes shy of the 60 required to overcome a Senate Republican filibuster.

NRA Partners with eHealth on Insurance Coverage

The National Restaurant Association announced it is partnering with eHealth, Inc. to offer tools and resources to industry employees looking to find health insurance coverage.

Former White House Press Secretary Perino to Address NRA Public Affairs Conference

Former White House Press Secretary and Fox News Host Dana Perino will address the National Restaurant Association’s 28th annual Public Affairs Conference bein

NRA Sets Political Agenda,Tackles Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

As restaurateurs manage the day-to-day requirements to keep their operations afloat, looming in the backdrop are federal regulations that have direct impact on their business.

California Lawmaker Proposes Warning Label on Sugary Drinks

A California state lawmaker introduced legislation on Thursday requiring soda and other sugary beverages to carry warning labels, in much the same way that cigarettes do.