Restaurant Policy and Lobby


Cheap Food That Impresses Guests

It’s not all about price. Instead, rethink value, affordability, and how to balance rising food costs and shrinking margins.

Merchants Rally to Fight Legislation Permitting Increases in Debit Card Fees

The National Restaurant Association and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) reacted to the introduction of legislation in the U.S.

North Carolina 'Bathroom Bill' Prompts Restaurant Response

Guglhupf Bakery unveils its plan to counteract House Bill 2

Table the Smartphone Chatter

Dining room etiquette calls for courtesy to trump obsessive connectivity.

Dining Etiquette in a Digital Age

Whether restaurants shy away from or embrace the plugged-in generation, finding a way to stay ahead of the technological curve remains a crucial task for operators.

Debate Over Salt Spices Up Menus

In light of new sodium labelling regulations, restaurants search for salt alternatives

Reaction to No-Tipping Policy at Union Square Hospitality Group Restaurants

FSR readers continue to share impassioned opinions about the announcement from Danny Meyer that he plans to eliminate tipping in his restaurants and increase menu prices to support higher

FSR Readers Weigh In on Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Decision

Earlier today, FSR magazine asked readers to share their opinions on Danny Meyer's announcement that he plans to eliminate tipping in his restaurants and increase menu prices to s

FDA Menu Labeling Requirement Delayed

Restaurants and other establishments will now have until December 1, 2016, to comply with federal menu labeling rules

FDA Ruling Bans Trans Fats

Agency Gives Manufacturers Three Years to Remove Trans Fats