Father’s Day Brings Out the Meat and Beer

Father's Day menus highlight what restaurants perceive as manly food: meats and beers.
Father's Day menus highlight what restaurants perceive as manly food: meats and beers. thinkstock

Father’s Day is the third-most popular day for dining out, behind Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, according to the National Restaurant Association, and while Mother’s Day menus sway toward elegant brunches and Mimosas, Father’s Day menus often head in a different direction—right to the meat and beer.

The dining experience tends to be a more casual affair, and not necessarily family-centric. Restaurants mold Father’s Day into an occasion, however, by associating it with sports events, live music, and beverage pairings. Think ballgames and beer.

In Chicago, four of DMK Restaurants—DMK Burger Bar, Fish Bar, Ada Street, and County BBQ—are offering a promotion on Father's Day called "Drink the Beer Your Daddy Used to Drink." Dads will be treated to complimentary Schlitz all day on Father's Day.

“Father’s Day is a fun day, and what we are offering is a concept where you go to relax—come as you are,” says Michael Kornick, co-owner of DMK Restaurants with David Morton. “There is no pretense.”

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

DMK’s Country BBQ’s regular menu offers a slew of smoked meats dressed in house-made sauces, and hits like the Bacon and Barbeque Parfait. For Father’s Day, the restaurant is also taking pre-orders for whole smoked pork butts (for pulled pork, serves 12) and whole smoked chickens (serves 2) “so that dads can get out from behind the grill, and take credit for the food without doing the work,” Kornick says.

Father’s Day will run all day at the Chicago-based eateries. “We are expecting activity for lunch and dinner, because we are close to Wrigley field,” says Kornick. “Dad can go to a ballgame, and stop in here for lunch or dinner.” DMK Burger Bar is the closest DMB brand to the ballpark.

Kornick doesn’t expect the same turnout as Mother’s Day—people tend to stay home more for Father’s Day, he says. “Turnout will also depend on weather. As it heads into summer, there is great demand for outdoor seating, which we have at three of our locations.”

Weather is also a factor for The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, a restaurant and brewery located in Half Moon Bay, California, a coastal city in San Mateo County.

“Revenue for us really comes down to the weather here on the coast,” says Mary Oldham, director of sales. “Holidays are always good, but if it’s really hot in the valley we can fill our 6,000 square feet, starting at 9 a.m. with our weekend breakfast to close, with sometimes two hour waits." She adds that the restaurant has space to expand as demand arises, thanks to its large front patio, side patio, and outdoor Mavericks Beer Garden that overlooks the brewing facility. 


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