The Customer Experience in Restaurants

Restaurant reservations to table service, entertainment to engagement—every aspect of the customer experience in a restaurant adds up to the diner’s overall satisfaction. And the whole is truly greater than the sum of all parts—as FSR stories illustrate time and again.

Simply roasted corn

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Going Green

Field to fork, opportunities for operators to embrace sustainability run the gamut from plating vegetarian options to reducing demands on labor, landfills, and water consumption.
Cubic Display System by Vollrath

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Outside the Box

Restaurants aren’t Vegas! What happens in the box doesn’t need to stay there. Full-service brands can deliver even better on the outside—be it al fresco patios, to-go service, or catered events.
Gourmet Peanuts

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Farm Spread

With knife in hand over a pristine stainless prep surface or fork poised above a candlelit white tablecloth, chef and diner alike need never forget food often begins with hands that reached into the dirt.
Buyer's Guide

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide

In the fourth installment of the annual Buyer’s Guide, we’ve curated a list of products designed to improve operations, elevate menus, and enhance flavors across all dining segments.
Anchor Chip-n-Dippers by McCain

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Fast Fixes

Even in the more polished full-service restaurants, sometimes there’s a need for speed. The key, of course, is to accelerate service without compromising product.
Chefmate Stuffed Mushrooms

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Finishing Touches

From décor staples to sweet endings, the dining experience is judged by all the little details.
Chef Pierre Fruit HiPie apple pie

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Healthy and Hearty

Why not both? Flavorful comfort foods are becoming ever so politically correct, with variations that are low in preservatives and high in natural attributes.

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Fireside Reads

From a celebrity chef’s favorite recipes to a contemporary take on how to run an entrepreneurial business, these books offer food for thought to enjoy reading by the fireside.
Barbarian Bar Tools

The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Bar & Beverage

From tea time to toasting the midnight hour, all these little details contribute to decisions that can impact and improve beverage service.

Snapchat Brings Guests Into the Restaurant

As restaurants ramp up their social media programs, operators typically consider the most popular platforms—Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest—to connect with consumers.