Saison Restaurant and Soraa

Design Elements

From the kitchen to restrooms to front of house, the subtle infrastructure of a restaurant completes the total dining experience.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Almost Daylight
Soraa lamps create a highly nuanced experience—for full spectrum light over food and diners, for accent lighting in wall sconces, for reflected indirect lighting, and in decorative fixtures. Soraa's Vivid 2 LED MR16 lamps, man-made lights that come closest to daylight, provide better color consistency between day and evening lighting and exceed halogen MR16s in light output, while cutting energy costs by 75 percent. $32.00
Bathing Beauty
Chicago Faucets 3510 Series redefine form and function with a sleek, contemporary design and water-saving efficiencies. A non-aerating outlet saves water in public restrooms and a manual mechanism features separate levers for precise water flow and temperature control. The top lever controls water volume and the side lever controls water temperature, allowing operators to leave the faucet set to a temperature across multiple usages, adjust when needed, and quickly return to the preferred setting. All faucets are ADA compliant. Priced from $182.09 to $299.39.
High-Aesthetic, High-Performance Upholstery
Anderson, the newest pattern in Appian Textiles Presidential Collection, is a diamond-tufted vinyl upholstery fabric—defined by "stitched" embossing so real you will think it was hand sewn. Soft and supple to the touch, it offers the fashionable aesthetic of faux leather with high-performance durability. Available in six neutral colors. Priced $22.95/yard for 1–99 yards; $20.95/yard for 100–499 yards; $19.95/yard for 500–999 yards; $17.95 for 1,000–1,999 yards; custom pricing for +2,000 yards.