Top 100 Independents: Street to Table

What started as a food truck has taken residence in a brick and mortar. They may not all be full-service, but they’re teaching us how to go from street to table.

Top 100 Independents: Slingin’ Pies

With the love of nostalgia and familiarity on the rise thanks to millennials and Gen Z, these pizza joints are luring in lovers of Italian-American tradition with new, unusual additions.

Top 100 Independents: New Wave

A new wave of leadership is taking hold of the restaurant industry. There’s more kindness, more openness, and more women in leadership roles. These restaurants are riding the new wave to success.

Top 100 Independents: Farm Foods

Farm-to-table and hyper-local cooking has been on trend for so many years that many in this category don’t see themselves in terms of a movement anymore, but as people making food as food is supposed