Produced by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), this highly magnified, digitally colorized scanning electron microscopic (SEM) image, revealed ultrastructural details at the site of interaction of numerous yellow colored, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) viral particles, located on the surface of a Vero E6 cell, which had been colorized blue.

Produced by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), this highly magnified, digitally colorized scanning electron microscopic (SEM) image, revealed ultrastructural details at the site of interaction of numerous yellow colored, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) viral particles, located on the surface of a Vero E6 cell, which had been colorized blue.

Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis

What you need to know to protect your employees, guests, and business as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe.

Stay up to date as the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe.

Week of October 26

Burger King Owner to Modernize 10,000 Drive Thrus

End of the Chicken Sandwich Wars? Not So Fast, Zaxby’s Says

Mobile Technology Satisfies Restaurant Customers' Cravings for Safety

COVID-19 Sends Studio Movie Grill Into Bankruptcy

Pandemic Report: Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse Have the Most Satisfied Guests

6 Things You Need to Know When Buying Restaurant Insurance

Eureka Creates an End-to-End Contactless Dining Experience

Rubio’s Coastal Grill Files for Bankruptcy

Inspire Brands, Dunkin' Discuss Potential $8.8 Billion Deal

Sweetgreen to Cut Corporate Staff by 20 Percent Due to COVID Pressures

Cracker Barrel Says Sardar Biglari Lacks Credibility

Week of October 19

McDonald’s Denies Racial Allegations Made by Black Former Operators

Outback Gets Ready to Unleash New Growth Brands

Saving the Planet, One Menu Item at a Time

CAO Bakery & Café to Inject Industry with Cuban-American Flavor

How the Restaurant Industry Can Rebuild Trust in a Post-COVID World

BJ'S Prepares for the Cold Reality of a COVID Winter

Chipotle’s Digital Business Fast Approaches $2.5 Billion

5 Tips for Creating a Budget for Your Restaurant

The Restaurant of the Future 4.0: Hybrid Concepts Emerge from COVID Solutions

New Restaurants are Starting to Open in the Pandemic

How Hotel Restaurants are Climbing Back from COVID-19

Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies for Restaurants

McDonald's Happy Meals are Still Getting Healthier

The Updated Guide to Running a Safe Restaurant During COVID-19

The Trust Economy, and the Future of Restaurant Marketing

Buffet Concept Country Cookin Closes Permanently Due to COVID

Inside Bar Louie’s Emergence from Bankruptcy and $82.5M Sale

Peace in Chicken Sandwich Wars? One Brand Hopes So

Grow Your Restaurant by Establishing a Winning Menu Strategy

25-Unit Applebee’s Franchisee Files for Bankruptcy

Another Broken Egg Regains its Pre-COVID Momentum

How Restaurants Can Approach an Exit Strategy

Should Restaurants Charge More During COVID-19?

How Shake Shack Leveraged IGTV to Reach Customers

From Virtual Brands to Delivery, How Dog Haus Solved COVID Challenges

Walk-On’s Fortifies Growth Strategy with 10 Point Capital Investment

Week of October 12

With Winter Approaching, It’s Time to Figure Out Delivery

Another Growth-Ready Chicken Franchise Enters the Ring

Starbucks Outlines Initiatives to Improve Diversity

Increase the Frequency of Online Orders with These 4 Simple Tactics

Milwaukee Bucks Score with New Chicken Tender Ghost Kitchen

Restaurants, Down $200 Billion Already, Prepare for Election Fallout

Bartaco Gets Back on Track by Providing a Pandemic Escape

Rehiring Your Workforce with a Lean HR Team? Consider Automation

Inspired by COVID Challenges, Shari’s Revamps Behind the Scenes

Restaurants Slim Down Menus Amid Pandemic Conditions

8 Lessons for Innovating During a Pandemic, from a Fast Casual Exec

Panera to Label Climate-Friendly Food on Menus

Popeyes Keeps Double-Digit Sales Streak Alive

What Inspires Clean Juice Cofounder Kat Eckles

Innovation Doesn't Miss a Beat at Del Taco

Why Top Restaurants are Doubling Down on Mobile Ordering Apps

How a McDonald’s Father-Daughter Duo Inspires Positive Change

Are Ghost Kitchens Temporary for Restaurants? Don't Count On It

8 Ways Restaurants Can Attract Young Customers

Top Dave & Buster’s Stores Inch Closer to Regular Sales Levels 

Outback Owner Expanding Virtual 'Tender Shack' Outside Florida

What Can Restaurants Do During Winter to Combat COVID-19 and Keep Sales Up?

Qdoba’s Post-COVID Transformation is Underway

‘Generation N’ Joins the Restaurant Marketplace

Election 2020: What it Could Mean for Restaurants

9 Steps for Restaurant Success in the COVID Age

Big Bad Breakfast CEO: The Morning Daypart is Bouncing Back

Week of October 5

Bankrupt California Pizza Kitchen Sees No Bids for its Assets

Domino's Spent $11 Million on COVID-19 Protocols

Franchises Rethink Discovery Days in a Virtual World

Easing Customers' COVID Fears is Still Task No. 1 for Restaurants

Danny Trejo: The Restaurant Industry's Next Action Hero

Sardar Biglari Says Cracker Barrel Is ‘Unable to Defend their Strategy’

No Matter What Side You’re On, the 2020 Presidential Election Matters for Restaurants

McDonald’s is Flexing its Marketing Muscle Again

DoorDash Offering $5,000 Grants to Help Restaurants Survive Winter

Smokey Bones’ Virtual Wing Brand is Off to the Races

5 Strategies to Survive the COVID-19 Business Environment

Ruby Tuesday Files for Bankruptcy

McDonald’s Plans New Bakery Menu, Including Cinnamon Rolls

How to Source Quality Gluten-Free Ingredients

President Trump Puts Restaurant Relief on Hold

Denny’s Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Go Back Decades

NYC Restaurants in COVID Hotspots See More Restrictions

Golden Corral’s Biggest Franchisee Declares Bankruptcy

Wingstop is Approaching 1,500 Locations Across the Globe

How to Prep Your Restaurant for Winter

Taco John’s Tackles COVID Challenges, One Battle at a Time

The New Rules of Engagement Between Restaurants and Consumers

Supply Chain Disruption Challenges Restaurants to Rethink Menus

Will Relaxed Alcohol Regulations Stick Around After COVID-19?

The Mac & Cheese Restaurant Spreading Across America

4 Tips to Help C-Stores Change Consumer Behavior

Red Robin Leader, Ex-Barteca CEO Create Special Acquisition Company

Week of September 28

A Turnaround Expert Takes the Helm at Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago

Yum! Brands, and What It Takes to Hire in COVID Times

Inside the New Era for Drive Thru

How One Family-Run Fast Casual Keeps Fighting Back

Noodles & Company Returns to Positive Sales Growth

How Off-Premises is Changing Everything for Restaurants

Cracker Barrel Strikes Back at Sardar Biglari

Bloomin' Vets Prep Mandola's Italian Kitchen for Lift-Off

Preparing Restaurant Development for Whatever the Future Holds

There are No More Cheeseburger in Paradises

Why Artificial Intelligence Should Be on the Menu this Season

Pizza Inn Parent Remains Challenged by COVID Pandemic

COVID Half a Year Later: What’s the State of the Restaurant Industry?

Newk’s Envisions Even Greater Heights After COVID

Zaxby’s Still Finds a Way to Bring Families Together

Papa John's Reports Sixth Straight Month of Double-Digit Gains

Protecting Your Restaurant From the Growing Threat of Cyberattacks

New $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Promises $120 Billion for Restaurants

How COVID-19 Changed the Foodservice Industry Long-term

Johnny Rockets Gives FAT Brands the Muscle it's Been Looking For

How East Coast’s Relationship with Franchisees Sparked a Turnaround

What’s New in Restaurant Tech? Data Partnerships

Can AI Drive Seamless Customer Engagement Across Touchpoints?

How East Coast’s Relationship with Franchisees Sparked a Turnaround

Week of September 21

Darden CEO: Virtual Brands a 'Distraction'

5 Restaurant Trends That Have Defined COVID-19

Understanding Recent Changes to the DOL Joint Employer Test

Panda Express Had a COVID-19 Task Force in January

Burger King Riles Up Social Media with Snack Box

How Does Recent Court Decision Affect Joint Employer Laws?

Preparing for the Inevitable Restaurant State Sales Tax Audit

Indiana to Remove Capacity Restrictions Saturday

Report: Corner Bakery Café Exploring Strategic Alternatives

Emerging Franchises Discover Ways to Thrive in Pandemic Conditions

Pollo Campero Seeks its Piece of the Chicken Empire

With Sports Back, Can Empty Stadiums Turn Into Crowded Restaurants?

The 16 Full-Service Restaurants Expanding the Quickest

How Restaurants Deliver Great Hospitality with Contactless Ordering and Payment

COVID Isn’t Impeding Big Whiskey’s Emergence

Resilient Commander’s Palace Keeps the Party Going

Steakhouse Icon Sizzler Files for Bankruptcy

NYC Restaurants Sit at a Survival Crossroads

Chris Pappas Mulls Submitting an Offer for Luby’s

Bankrupt NPC International Seeks $725 Million Sale

4 Big Marketing Challenges Facing Restaurants in a COVID World

Why Swig is One to Watch

Former McDonald’s CEO Argues He Should Keep Severance

The Crack Shack Wants to Command the Better Chicken Category

J. Alexander’s Turnaround is Moving Ahead of Schedule

Chipotle Eyes Growth in the Wake of COVID-19

Why Community Involvement is Core to a Successful Restaurant Strategy

Flexible Self-Scheduling: The Answer to COVID Staffing Dilemmas

Week of September 14

Dave & Buster’s Warns of Potential Bankruptcy

Starbucks Isn’t Waiting Around for COVID to Disappear

Chuck E. Cheese Plans to Destroy 7 Billion Paper Tickets

How One Mrs. Fields Franchisee Opened During the Pandemic

Bars, Breweries, and Wineries Find Ways to Survive

Jack in the Box Finds a Contactless Way to Connect with Guests

Close to 20,000 Restaurants Have Permanently Closed Since COVID

A Restaurateur's Top Tips to Turn a Profit During COVID

Most Restaurant Customers Aren’t Waiting for a Vaccine

McDonald’s Joint Employer Case Investigated for Potential Conflict of Interest

Shake Shack's Curbside Footprint Expands

Customers are Still at the Heart of the Restaurant Promise

Sardar Biglari: Cracker Barrel Made ‘One of the Worst Business Blunders’ in Restaurant History

With Diversity, Chipotle Puts Words Into Action

Plant Nation Rides the Ghost-Kitchen Wave

Fajita Pete’s is Gearing Up for a Growth Explosion

How Restaurants Can Win Over Gen Z During and After the Pandemic

Cracker Barrel is Transforming During COVID Times

Boosting Morning Sales During a Pandemic Starts with Coffee

100,000 Restaurant Closures Expected in 2020

Buffalo Wings & Rings Debuts a Fresh Look for a Familiar Customer

American Blue Ribbon to Emerge from Bankruptcy with Fewer Units, New Structure

The Key to a Post-Pandemic Comeback: Change the Customer Journey

Restaurant Design Will Be Forever Changed by COVID

Week of September 7

Maison Kayser Files for Bankruptcy

Dave & Buster’s is Reawakening as a Better Brand

BJ’s Awards Stock Grants to Make Up for Pay Reductions

K&W Cafeterias Files for Bankruptcy

Smoothie King Aims to Elevate the Fitness Journey

Starbucks Turned Summer Into Fall, and it Paid Off

Perfecting Order and Delivery for Five-Star Contactless Dining

Culinary Education in the Age of COVID

Restaurants Welcome FDA’s New Era of Food Safety Blueprint

Outdoor Dining Gives Red Robin a Much-Welcomed Boost

5 Ways Real Estate Can Unlock Growth for Your Restaurant

Sweetgreen Debuts Digital-Only Menu

The ‘Joint Employer’ Saga Resurfaces for Franchisors

Jersey Mike’s Caters to a Changing Customer

Restaurant Safety: How to Respond to the Impacts of COVID-19

NYC Indoor Dining to Return September 30

Smoothie King Aims to Elevate the Fitness Journey

The 30 Sit-Down Chains Making the Most Money Per Restaurant

Logan’s Roadhouse Parent Taps TGI Fridays Vet as New CEO

COVID-19 Fallout: The New Way of the Buffet

Rev Up the Food Truck?

Luby's Unveils Plan to Dissolve Company

Levin Leichtman Acquires Tropical Smoothie Café

4 Steps Restaurants Can Take to Improve Third-Party Deliveries

Dwyane Wade Handles the Heat of the Restaurant Business

Logan’s Roadhouse Parent Taps TGI Fridays Vet as New CEO

The 18 Best Culinary Schools in America

Redefining Luxury Catering in the Age of Social Distancing

The week of August 31

Chuck E. Cheese’s Comeback Takes Shape

Mobile Location Technology and Privacy: How Should Restaurants Proceed?

This Restaurant of the Future 3.0: Eight Drivers of Change in a ‘New Normal’

Boka Restaurant Group to Lay Off 516 Workers

Bloomin' Launches its Own Virtual Chicken Brand

Only 45 Percent of Restaurants are Confident They’ll Last a Year

Taco Bell to Remove Mexican Pizza in Final 2020 Menu Revamp

Why Sustainability Still Matters for Restaurants

First Watch Isn’t OK Being Quiet Anymore

Can Kiosks Find New Life During Coronavirus?

Pizza Remains the Pandemic Front-Runner

A CheckList for Safely Reopening Restaurants

Burger King Introduces Restaurants for a Post-COVID World

Chicago's Dining Scene Proves its Resiliency Yet Again

Former Black McDonald’s Franchisees File $1 Billion Lawsuit

Can Nontraditional Restaurants Make a Post-COVID Comeback?

Convenience Isn't Going Anywhere for Restaurants After COVID-19

The Value of the Drive Thru During COVID-19

Blue Star Donuts Files for Bankruptcy

Outback's New Menu: More Steak, Lower Prices, Larger Portions

How Three Restaurants are Making the Most of Outdoor Dining

The Future of Quality in Restaurants is Being Driven by Technology

Two Critical Elements of a Post-Pandemic Recovery for Full-Service Restaurants

Buffalo Wild Wings Builds 'Customized Dawg Pound' for Football Season

NYC, L.A Extend Third-Party Delivery Fee Caps

Offbeat Cheba Hut Endures Beyond Experiential Dining

McDonald’s: Easterbrook’s Claims Have ‘No Legal Merit’

How to Design the Best Sandwich Board for Your Restaurant

The week of August 24

When Restaurant Customers Refuse to Wear Masks

Barcelona Wine Bar Won’t Dehumanize the Restaurant Experience, Pandemic or Not

Even in a Pandemic, ‘The Freddy’s Way’ Carries On

Embracing Consumer Changes for Long-Term Restaurant Success

Why is Nobody Talking About a Mobile Food Strategy?

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Parent Hatches a New Fast Casual

Cheesecake Factory Has Brought Back Majority of Furloughed Workers

Understanding the Restaurant Guest Six Months Into COVID-19

5 Ways to Maximize Restaurant Concepts Through Ghost Kitchens

How to Stay Connected with Customers During COVID-19

VooDoo Daddy’s Wants to Become a Cajun-Style Powerhouse

The 10 Highest-Earning Steakhouse Chains

How the Hourly Restaurant Workforce Has Evolved During COVID-19

Turning Parking Lots into a Restaurant Goldmine

Some Good News for Restaurant Sales, But an Uneven Path Ahead

Fazoli’s is Witnessing its Best Summer Ever

McDonald’s Investigating HR and Claims Ex-CEO Covered Up for Others

Jamba's Evolution Helps it Weather the COVID Storm

Papa John’s Red-Hot Run Continues

Curbside: Take the Lead, or Get Left in the Dust

How One Sandwich Chain is Tackling Labor in a COVID World

Organic Krush Stays Small, but Mighty in COVID Response

Lawsuit Says Chipotle Short-Changed Cash-Paying Customers

Buffalo Wings & Rings Brings Fast Casual Into New Design

Red Robin’s Chief Information Officer to Depart Company

An Urban Waffle House for Millennials? Robert Thompson is Just Getting Started

Taking the Perfect Restaurant Photo with Leigh Loftus

Memo to Restaurants: A Dollar of Revenue is Not Equal to a Dollar Saved

Understanding and Supporting Restaurant Employees During COVID-19

The week of August 17

What’s Your Restaurant’s Off-Premises Strategy for Kids?

Is In-House Delivery the Future for Restaurants?

An Urban Waffle House for Millennials? Robert Thompson is Just Getting Started

No James Beard Award Winners in 2020

COVID Can’t Keep Barbecue Icon Pat Martin Down

Taco Bell Unveils New Restaurant Built for a Digital Future

Ruby Tuesday, &pizza Vets Lead New Acquisition Company

12 Ways Stickers Can Help Restaurants Survive COVID-19

A Super Bowl Hero Finds Success with Clean Juice

Fueled by COVID, Restaurants Race to the Drive Thru

Third-Party Delivery: Navigating Integration, Potential, and Service Fees

Chili’s Virtual Wings Brand Takes Flight

Punch Bowl Taps Former Souplantation CEO to Lead Company

Challenged by COVID, TGI Fridays Fights its Way Back

Capriotti’s Leverages Innovation to Thrive in Pandemic

4 Overlooked Spots Restaurants Need to Clean

One Reopening Answer: Ticketed or Reservations-Only Prix Fixe Meals

The Melting Pot is Ready to Get a Lot Bigger

Garbanzo Mediterranean Files for Bankruptcy

Bankrupt Pizza Hut Operator NPC to Close up to 300 Stores

Will Meal Kits Have Lasting Power in Quick Service?

Something You Probably Didn't Consider with Ghost Kitchens

Popeyes' Next Act: Become a Global Icon

McDonald’s U.S. Human Resources Leader Leaves Brand

Former CEO: McDonald's Had Information about Sexual Relationships

How Tech Can Make Restaurants Pandemic-Proof

Delivering Customer Experience from Behind the Mask

The week of August 10

12 Restaurant Chains Primed to Outlast COVID

Famous Dave’s Inches Closer to Normal Sales

Johnny Rockets Sold for $25 Million to Fatburger Owner

CEO: Chili's Momentum Cannot Be Matched in its Category

Noodles & Company Expects to Thrive for Years to Come

What Will Separate the Fast Casual Winners and Losers Post Pandemic

FSR 50: Top 10 Family-Dining Chains

Dickey’s CEO: Virtual Training Will Outlast the Pandemic

Steak ‘n Shake Closes More Restaurants as Quick-Service Flip Begins

What Inspires Yum!'s Chief People Officer Tracy Skeans

During a State of Flux, Restaurants Can Keep Innovating

7 Digital Trends That Will Reshape the Restaurant Industry

How Restaurants Can Tackle COVID's New Insurance Challenges

Red Robin is Ready to Reboot its Comeback Plan

Can Restaurants Bring their Wine Business Online?

Tom & Chee, and the Comeback of a Shark Tank Legend

Buffalo Wild Wings Taps Target Exec as New CMO

Business Interruption Insurance as Restaurants Reopen: Now What

The Other Side of Safety Design for Restaurants

How Yum! Beat the COVID Odds, and Got Better Because of it

The Greene Turtle Proves it Can Win Without Sports

Chuy’s is Staffed and Prepared to Weather COVID

One-on-One with Yum! Brands CEO David Gibbs

McDonald’s Accuses Former CEO of Lying about Sexual Relationships

Red Lobster Taps Adviser to Explore Strategic Options, Report Says

More on the Uber-Postmates Fallout, from an Expert

Restaurant Industry Gains 502,000 Jobs in July

The week of August 3

Burger King Parent to Close 'Several Hundred' Restaurants

Under New CEO, Jack in the Box Wants to ‘Jumpstart’ Growth

Wendy's Breakfast is About to Get a $15 Million Boost

How One Arizona Restaurateur is Saving his Small-Town Restaurants

Potbelly is Resolving its Real Estate Issue

As Sales Soar, Papa John’s Prepares for Major Unit Expansion

Independent Restaurants Aren’t Sure They’ll Make it to November

Parent of Il Mulino Files for Bankruptcy

Digital Becomes the Cornerstone of a New Dunkin'

Gyro Shack Preps for its Next Growth Chapter

Amid COVID, Restaurants Shake Up the Meal Kit Game

Texas Roadhouse Reimagines Life in a COVID World

Why You Should Bet on Fast Casual After COVID-19

Thompson Hospitality to Buy Matchbox Out of Bankruptcy

6 Essential Factors when Purchasing Gloves for Restaurant Employees

Bojangles Drops Apostrophe in Brand Revamp

The HEALS Act Could Leave Thousands of Restaurants in the Dark

The COVID Communications Checklist for Restaurants

The week of July 27

On Comeback Trail, Ruth Chris is Mastering the Margins 

Welcome to the Shake Shack of the Future

Dunkin’ is Giving its Portfolio a ‘Good Scrubbing’

Yum!'s Digital Business Has Gained Over $1 Billion

The 5 Strategies Guiding El Pollo Loco Through COVID Challenges

Is the Pandemic the Right Time to Invest in a Restaurant Franchise?

Meal Kits for Restaurants: Is it Worth it?

Pret A Manger Permanently Shutters 17 U.S. Locations

California Pizza Kitchen Declares Bankruptcy

The $4 Million Question Facing The Cheesecake Factory

Out of Crisis Comes Opportunity for Applebee’s, IHOP

A Safety Checklist for Reopening Your Restaurant

The $4 Million Question Facing The Cheesecake Factory

Wingstop Unfazed by Competitors or Global Crisis

Starbucks to Take Page from Chick-fil-A’s Drive-Thru Playbook

Restaurants Make the Quick Pivot to Off-Premises

McDonald's is Done Playing Defense

Opportunity Awaits for Franchisees Ready to Take a Swing

Denny's Relies on New Strengths to Navigate California Closures

3 Creative Ways to Leverage Beverage Partners and Bring Back Guests

Bankrupt Bamboo Sushi Bought for $2 Million

Pinstripes’ Journey from Best in Class to Safest in Class

Get a Glimpse of Sonic Drive-In's New Restaurant Design

Trudy’s Texas Star to be Purchased for $6.5 million

What the New $1 Trillion HEALS Act Might Offer

10 Restaurants Positioned to Endure the COVID Pandemic

Are Restaurants Getting an Unfair Shake with COVID Spikes?

O’Charley’s Refuses to Flinch During Pandemic

20 Foods on the Rise During COVID-19

Could a Post-COVID Outback Be Even Stronger than Before?

How Technology Can Augment COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Breakthrough Has Golden Chick Thinking Even Bigger

The week of July 20

Del Taco Keeps Beating the COVID Odds

BJ’s Tries to Conquer California’s Latest Shut Down

McDonald's to Keep Dining Rooms Closed Another 30 Days

How Drive-Thru Restaurants Can Thrive in the Age of Social Distancing

COVID Isn’t Stopping the Rise of Teriyaki Madness

So Your Restaurant Employee Has COVID-19

Profit-Driving Tips to Beat Pandemic Times

Why COVID Could Kickstart Chipotle’s Road to 5,000 Restaurants

Managing Expectations for a More Seamless Guest Experience Post-COVID

Rent Negotiation Strategies for Restaurants During the Pandemic

Why Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is One to Watch

Yelp: Nearly 16,000 Restaurants Have Permanently Closed Due to COVID

Despite COVID, the Lawry’s Experience Carries On

Restaurants Must Elevate Safety Culture, Not Just Protocols in COVID World

Luby’s Achieves Profit As It Continues to Seek Sale

Smaller Footprints, More Drive Thru: Restaurant Design in a COVID World

Panera Doesn’t Plan to Stop at Free Coffee Subscriptions

Buffalo Wild Wings is Turning Restaurants into Ballparks

Don’t Give Up on the Restaurant Recovery Just Yet

Danny Meyer’s Union Square to Allow Tipping Once Again

Will the Restaurant-Retail Trend Return After COVID?

How One Jimmy John’s Franchisee Battled Back

Leveraged Finance Trends Impacting the Restaurant and Franchise Market

How Restaurant Brands Can Continue to Grow in the ‘New Normal’

Famous Toastery Forges Own Path in COVID Comeback

The Future of Restaurant Franchising

The week of July 13

Shorter Restaurant Ads More Effective in COVID Climate, Study Shows

5 Restaurant Strategies to Get Through the Pandemic

Is Consolidation the Future of Restaurant Technology?

The Restaurant of the Future 2.0: Off-Premises, Simplification, and the Evolution of Dine-In

The Pandemic is Fueling Domino’s Future

How Technology Will Support the Future of Restaurants

Everything Restaurants Need to Know About Filing a Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Where Tech Plays Into Fast Food's COVID Recovery

Recent COVID Setbacks Have Closed 100,000 Restaurants

Kura Sushi Sticks to Growth as COVID Challenges Loom

The Business Model That’s Pandemic and Recession Proof

Chef Edward Lee Puts Restaurant Workers First in COVID Response

For Restaurants to Recover, Unions and Lawmakers Must Step Up

Key Steps for a More Hygienic Fast-Food Future

Is the Restaurant Industry Headed for a Bankruptcy Wave?

California Shuts Indoor Dining Again

White Castle is Bringing Robots to the Kitchen

The Independent Restaurant Industry Will Never Look the Same

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen Closes Its Doors

Red Lobster Feeds the Frontlines in Crisis Times

Can BurgerFi Become the Next Great Burger Chain?

Jersey Mike's Pandemic Playbook: Take Care of Your People

The week of July 6

What Does it Take to Reopen a Restaurant During Coronavirus? Here’s an Example

How Restaurants Can Maintain Customer Loyalty Post-Pandemic

How the Uber and Postmates Merger Impacts the Industry

The Restaurant Industry is at Another Crossroads

When the Crisis Hit, Church’s Chicken Put its People First

Starbucks to Require Masks at Corporate Stores

For Smokey Bones, Steady is Winning the COVID Race

California Restaurants Must Provide COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

Design Goal No. 1 for Restaurants Today: Create a Safe Dining Room

Protecting the Bottom Line with Tech in Post-Pandemic Reopenings

Bennigan's Was Built to Survive Crisis Times

What Should Restaurants Stand for During COVID-19? Safety and Creativity

How Tension Can Actually Benefit Your Franchise Brand

Shake Shack is Back on the Growth Path

Miami Closes Dining Rooms Due to Rising Caseloads

New Logan’s Roadhouse Owner Breathes Life Back into Company

New Jack in the Box CEO on the Path Forward

Designing a Restaurant for a Socially Distant World

How to Run Your Restaurant During COVID: Best Practices

How COVID-19 Will Impact Restaurant Design

Even in Pandemic Times, Slim Chickens Isn't Slowing Down

The week of June 29

How COVID-19 Will Impact Restaurant Design

The Digital Journey Evolves at Qdoba

The Future of Healthcare for Restaurant Franchise Owners

GFG Café Cuisine Continues Goal to Expand Greek Cuisine

Metro Diner Morphs into the Restaurant Brand of the Future

Restaurant Industry Added 1.5 Million Jobs in June

Congress Votes to Extend PPP Deadline by 8 Weeks

McDonald's Pauses Reopening as COVID Surges Nationwide

Outback Parent Reinstates CEO’s Salary as Sales Rebound

Complacency Has Become New Hurdle for Restaurants

What Should Restaurants Do if an Employee has COVID-19?

How COVID-19 Will Impact Restaurant Design

Grumpy’s Maintains ‘Traditional Americana’ Identity Amid Crisis

At Papa John’s, the Comeback is Just Beginning

Aurify Brands to Revive Over 40 Le Pain Quotidien Stores

How Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque is Gearing Up for Reopenings

COVID and Digital Ordering: What Have We Learned?

Four Months Into COVID: More Uncertainty than Ever for Restaurants

When Restaurants Go Rogue with COVID Regulations

Pie Five Shutters Another 10 Restaurants

9 Ways Restaurants Can Mitigate COVID-19 Risks and Keep Guests Safe

Burger King Gets Back to Pre-COVID Sales

9 Ways Restaurants Can Mitigate COVID-19 Risks and Keep Guests Safe

The week of June 22

Three Twisted Root Burger Units File for Bankruptcy

Consumer Interest in Dining Out is Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Chili's Owner Launches Virtual Wings Concept

Why the Current Market is Ripe for Franchise Growth

Why the Pandemic Could Turn Darden Into an Even Bigger Juggernaut

Darden Invested $75 Million in its Employees During COVID Crisis

Court Orders McDonald’s to Provide Better COVID Protection

It Will Take Years for the Restaurant Industry to Recover

How Panda Express is Taking Charge of Delivery

Restaurants are Saying Goodbye to Third-Party Delivery Apps

How Fast-Food Brands Can Build Emotional Loyalty Amid COVID-19

PizzaRev Down to 13 Locations After Round of Closures

Surge in COVID Cases Hasn’t Slowed Restaurants So Far

Blaze Pizza Rises to the Pandemic Challenge

Out of Bankruptcy, Brio, Bravo Seek Return to ‘Old Glory’

Sales at Ruth’s Chris Continue to Rebound as Dine-in Returns

Want to Restructure Your Restaurant Lease? You’re Not Alone

Main Event Reopens as a Redefined, Galvanized Brand

Reopening a Restaurant Can Be Risky Business

How Casual Dining Will Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Can On-Demand Pay Help Rebuild the Restaurant Workforce?

Communication Leads Franchisees through Crisis Times

The Week of June 15

To Reopen or Not? Restaurants Face a Make-or-Break Moment

Why Chipotle has ‘Home Run’ Potential After COVID-19

Zinburger Permanently Shutters 15 of 18 Restaurants Due to COVID

Noodles & Company Keeps Eyes on Off-Premises as Sales Rise

Restaurants, Don’t let a Grubhub Horror Story Ruin Your CX

Why Restaurants Need to Diversify Away from Delivery Marketplaces

Over 45 Million Have Filed Initial Unemployment Claims

Popeyes, the Pandemic Proof Fast-Food Chain

Contactless Carryout Isn't Going Anywhere

Why the Restaurant Event Business Will Make a Comeback

Wayback President on Staying Safe, No Matter Your State’s Status

How Do You Prove Your Restaurant is a Safe Environment?

Denny’s Off-Premises Sales Stick as Dining Rooms Reopen

Why Coronavirus Will Spark a Fast-Food Takeover

Eggs Up Grill CEO Looks at the Sunny Side

Full-Service Restaurants Embrace Off-Premises Menu Innovation

Mighty Quinn’s is Ready for the Post-Pandemic Landscape

Breaking the Dependency on Delivery Apps

Post-Coronavirus: A Changed Restaurant Customer with New Expectations

Restaurant Industry Has Already Lost $120 Billion

Imagining the Restaurant Industry After COVID-19

How Marketing is Changing for Quick-Service Restaurants

What the Restaurant World Will Look Like After Coronavirus

The Week of June 8

Dave & Buster’s Takes $43 Million Virus Hit, Looks to Future

Restaurants Must Adapt Key Performance Indicators During COVID-19

Church's Chicken Innovates the Post-Pandemic Workplace

The Recovery is in Full Swing at Bloomin’ Brands

BJ’s Continues to Rebound as Dining Rooms Reopen

TripAdvisor Study: Restaurants Lead in Recovery

Red Robin is Prepared to Accelerate its Reopening Strategy

Emerging Franchise Revs Up Growth Despite Pandemic

5 Tips for Protecting Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation During Reopening

Influencer Marketing and COVID-19: Can it Reinforce Customer Trust?

J. Alexander's was Nearly Sold Before the Pandemic

Report: 85 Percent of Independent Restaurants Could Close Without Direct Aid

COVID-19 Accelerates the Transformation of Starbucks

Yum! Sales Gain Momentum, Set New Heights

Shake Up Your Takeout Menu with Convenient and Unique Cocktails

Health and Wellness Brands Find their COVID-19 Purpose

Chili’s is Outpacing its Casual-Dining Competitors

Wendy’s Solves Beef Supply Problems as Sales Bounce Back

4 Guidelines for Managing Restaurant Workers in a ‘New Normal’

Dunkin’ Wants to Help America Get Back to Work

When’s the Right Time to Reopen Your Restaurant?

What to Know about Claiming Insurance after Riot Damage

Everything Restaurants Need to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

The Week of June 1

Chef Daniel Boulud Embraces Off-Premises

How to Ace Third-Party Delivery in a Pandemic

5 Top Dining-Out Trends for a Post-Pandemic Society

Restaurant Industry Gained 1.4 Million Jobs in May

Huddle House CEO: Ghost Kitchens to Rise as Brick and Mortar Fades

Why Brand Identity Has Never Been More Important for Restaurants

Geofencing Can Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions in Restaurants

Ruth’s Chris is Getting Back to Business

A Coronavirus Opportunity for Restaurants: Off-Peak Hours

Potbelly’s Sales Improve as Permanent Closures Loom

Senate Passes Sweeping Paycheck Protection Program Reform

HopCat Parent Files for Bankruptcy as COVID-19 'Put it Over the Edge'

Dunkin’s Sales Increase, Shift from Breakfast Daypart

Creating a COVID-19 Restaurant Playbook: Where to Begin

Protests Shut Down Dozens of Cheesecake Factory Restaurants

At Cracker Barrel, Guests are Coming Back and So are Sales

When Will Americans be Ready to Dine-In Again?

3 Ways Restaurants Create Customer Engagement During COVID-19 

Dealing with Your Lease Agreement (and Landlord) During a Pandemic

Reopening 101 for Restaurants: Divide Customers into Three Main Groups

Red Robin's COVID-19 Response Goes All-In on Customer Experience

In a Touchless World, 3D Cameras Will Make Restaurants Safer

How Has COVID Exposed the Restaurant Industry?

Chuy’s Opens Nearly All of its Dining Rooms

6 Ways Tech Can Improve Food Safety in a COVID-19 World

The Week of May 25

When Lockdowns End, Which Restaurant Changes Will Remain?

A CEO’s 5 Takeaways on What Works Post-Pandemic

The Impact of COVID-19 on Employer Policies and Operations

COVID-19 Sends East Coast Wings + Grill on a ‘Super-Regional’ Path

Popeyes and its Chicken Sandwich are Still Soaring

How to Manage Leases and Landlords in Uncertain Times

5 Factors That Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Reopening

Simplification in the COVID-19 Era: What it Means for Restaurants and Suppliers

Delivery and Online Ordering Partnerships are Essential Right Now

Domino's is Thriving During Uncertain Times

Papa John’s Continues to Reach Unprecedented Sales

Can Family Meals Bridge the COVID-19 Gap for Restaurants?

Chili’s is Coming Back to Life, and its Culture is to Thank

Is COVID-19 Going to Accelerate the Ghost Kitchen Craze?

How Bareburger Took Back the Digital Experience

Sales are Up 20 Percent, But Marco’s Isn’t Sitting Back

Data-Driven Decisions Will Help Restaurants Navigate COVID-19 Recovery

Reopening Considerations for Restaurants and Bars

The Week of May 18

Why First Watch Will Reemerge an Even Better Restaurant Chain

Chuy's Has Reopened 70 Percent of its Dining Rooms

How Restaurants Should Communicate Reopening with Customers

COVID-19 Will Inspire a Dunkin’ 2.0

Fortress to Acquire Craftworks for $93 million

Reopenings Provide Some COVID-19 Hope, Especially for Casual Dining

Taco Bell to Hire 30,000 People in Coming Months

Welcome to a New Era of Customer Appreciation for Restaurants

Millions File Unemployment Claims for 9th Straight Week

Starbucks Accelerates Plan to Relocate, Transform Low-Performing Stores

How Jack in the Box Adapted Its Messaging to Stay Relevant

Steps to Sharpen Safety Focus as Restaurants Reopen

Could COVID-19 Create Opportunities in the Food Supply Chain?

Subway Lays Off 150 Employees

Restaurateurs, Trump Administration Talk Industry Concerns

Chuck E. Cheese Uses New Name on Third-Party Platform

Famous Dave's Stays Nimble in Face of COVID-19

Still Trying to Decipher the Paycheck Protection Program

Darden Inches Closer to Life as Normal

Operating Restaurants in a COVID-19 Environment

7 Ways to Take Down the Third-Party Marketplace

Better Culture, Better Plan, Better Papa John’s?

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Patio Reopenings

Reopening? Here are 4 Ways Restaurateurs Can Reset the Table

What the COVID-19 Future Holds for Emerging Restaurant Chains

Specialty's Café & Bakery to Permanently Close 

Former College Football Star Joins Toppers Pizza as Co-Franchisee

The week of May 11

49-Unit IHOP Franchisee Files for Bankruptcy

Restaurants’ Greatest Competition Post COVID-19: Home-Cooked Meals

A Program Geared to Help Restaurants’ Main Street

Denny's Reopens 500-Plus Restaurants, Sees Sales Bump

Garden Fresh Restaurants Declares Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Pandemic has Redefined Value for Jack in the Box

NYC Puts a Cap on Third-Party Delivery Fees

Bankrupt Krystal Agrees to $48 Million Deal with Fortress Investment Group

Will Employees Actually Return to Restaurants?

Does the Stimulus Help Restaurants?

McDonald’s to Boost Recovery with Significant Marketing Investment

COVID-19, and the 4 New Paradigms of Guest Perception

Customers Will Support Restaurants Again

Restaurants Take Heed: Uber Eats May Soon Own Your Relationship with Customers

How Restaurants Will Satisfy America’s Post-Pandemic Appetite

Where Technology Fits in the COVID-19 Response for Restaurants

Democrats Push for Restaurant-Focused PPP Changes in New Package

Planning to Reopen Your Restaurant? Here’s What an Expert Would Do

Georgia Restaurants See a Sales Spike from Reopenings

Bamboo Sushi Parent Files for Bankruptcy

Uber Seeking to Acquire Grubhub: Report

Does Restaurant Business Insurance Cover COVID-19 Claims?

What’s Wrong with the Food Supply Chain? It’s Not Supply

Hooters Shares Reopening Safety Measures

How Burger King Plans to Keep Guests, Employees Safe as it Reopens

Buffalo Wild Wings Unveils To-Go Only Concept in Atlanta

Ruth's Chris Prepares to Reopen Dining Rooms as Sales Slide 83.5 Percent

Steak ’n Shake Permanently Closes 51 Company Stores

The week of May 4

April: A Month Like No Other for Restaurants

After COVID-19, Prepare for the Breakfast Wars

BJ’s Seeks to Maintain Off-Premises Growth as Dining Rooms Reopen

April Unemployment Rate Highest Since Great Depression

What the Restaurant of the Future Will Look Like After COVID-19

What the Future Holds for the Coffee Industry Post COVID-19

The Mindset of a Restaurateur in a Time of Crisis

Tips for Creating a Full-Service Experience at Home

McDonald’s to Reward Company Employees with Bonuses

Noodles & Company Turns the COVID-19 Corner

Legal Issues to Consider as Restaurant Employees Return to Work

An Early Look at How Reopened Restaurants are Faring

Your Best Innovators Right Now Could Be Your Franchisees

Unemployment Claims Above 3 Million for Seventh Straight Week

4 Ways to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Onsite Content During COVID-19

What's the Deal with Wendy's Beef Supply?

Digital, Delivery Boost Wingstop’s Sales Beyond Expectation

Zaxby’s COVID-19 Response: Keep it Real

Papa John’s Sees Highest Sales Month in Company’s History

Cheesecake Factory is Taking a Deliberate Approach to Reopening Restaurants

How Biggby Coffee Wrote a New Chapter in Change

Starbucks: 85 Percent of Corporate Stores to Open by Week’s End

Bloomin’ Brands Gets a Jolt of COVID-19 Recovery Hope

Shake Shack Turns to Pickup Windows in Pandemic Squeeze

New PPP Guidance: Restaurants Won’t be Penalized if Employees Reject Job Offer

3 Ways Restaurants Will Adapt to a Post-COVID World

How Restaurants Can Tell their Story During COVID-19, and Why it Matters

Qdoba Sees a Bump During COVID-19 Pandemic

Texas Roadhouse’s To-Go Sales are Up 575 Percent

How COVID-19 has Changed the Off-Premises Game Forever

Dave & Buster’s Strikes $100 Million Agreement with Jefferies

Coronavirus Crisis No Match for Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich

What Customers Want from Restaurants as They Reopen

Denny’s Sales Dropped 76 Percent in April

Pandemic or Not, Dave’s Hot Chicken is Growing

5 Ways to Serve Gluten-Free Customers During COVID-19

Subway Franchisee Delivers 5,000 Sandwiches to the Frontlines

Casual Dining Looks to Fast Food for Survival Tactics

How to Take Care of Restaurant Staff Through the COVID-19 Crisis

The week of April 27

BJ’s Inks $70 Million Deal with Panera Bread Founder Ron Shaich

It’s Not Restaurants Customers Fear. It’s Other People

Restaurant Sales are Improving, but it’s a Complicated Landscape

Dunkin’ Adds Curbside Pickup, Doubles Delivery Footprint

11 Tips to Improve Your Restaurant's Cyber Security in the COVID-19 Era

Expert Tips to Grow Restaurant Sales During a Pandemic

Will the ‘Ghost Kitchen’ Trend Continue During and After COVID-19?

Cracker Barrel Reopens Dining Rooms in Georgia and Tennessee

McDonald’s CEO: People Will Return to Familiar Brands

TooJay’s Declares Bankruptcy as 'Direct Result' of COVID-19

Chili’s CEO: ‘No One Will Get More Out of a Half a Dining Room’ Than Us

Why Schlotzksy's is Holding Off Reopening Dining Rooms in Georgia

Applebee's Could Soon Have 200 Dining Rooms Open

Unemployment Filings Surpass 30 Million in Six Weeks

Restaurants and Workers During COVID-19: How to Avoid a Bitter Divorce

Fazoli's CEO: Even as Restaurants Reopen, Delivery and Carryout are Staying

At One Point During COVID-19, Yum! Had 11,000 Closed Restaurants

José Andrés: Restaurants We Love are on 'Brink of Extinction'

Buffalo Wings & Rings Responded Quickly to COVID-19

Portillo's Has Doubled Down on Drive-Thru and Delivery, and It's Working

How COVID-19 is Changing the Restaurant Industry

COVID-19 Has Cost Starbucks $915 Million So Far

15 Chick-fil-A Employees in Texas Test Positive for COVID-19

FAT Brands Appears Primed for a Buying Spree

As Restaurants Start to Reopen, the Challenge to Rehire Employees Begins

Habit Grill Evolves at ‘Warp Speed’ During Pandemic

COVID-19 for Restaurants: What’s Working and What Will Become Part of the New Normal

Keeping Track of States Reopening Dine-In Service

Will Foodies Save the Restaurant Industry?

Are Customers Ready for Restaurants to Reopen?

Commander’s Palace, and the ‘Spirit of Hospitality’ After COVID-19

Moe’s Stays Nimble During COVID-19 Response

Will Restaurant POS Vendors Survive the Domino Effect of COVID-19?

The Opportunity of Innovative Pandemic Packaging

Potbelly Decides to Give Back $10 Million PPP Loan

Everything You Need to Know Before Reopening Your Restaurant

The week of April 20

Raising Cane’s Avoids Layoffs as Sales Return to Pre-COVID-19

How Edible Pivoted to Serve Customers During COVID-19

Trump Signs Law that Adds $310 Billion to PPP

BJ’s Prepares to Reopen Once Officials Give Permission

Domino’s is Already Building for a ‘New Normal’

Ruth’s Chris to Return $20 Million in PPP Loans

Sweetgreen to Give Back $10 Million PPP Loan

Can Mobile Apps Bring Customers Back to Restaurants?

Stimulus Checks Appear to Give Restaurants a Boost

Unemployment Claims Reach 26 million in Five Weeks

How to Do Well by Doing Good in Midst of Crisis

10 Reasons Why Curbside Pickup is the Next Big Thing

What Restaurants Need to Consider as America Reboots

Senate to Inject $310 Billion Into Paycheck Protection Program

5 Innovative Ways Restaurants Can Drive Sales During COVID-19

How COVID-19 Could Change Chipotle as We Know It

Trust Will Mean Everything to Restaurants After COVID-19

Chuy’s Furloughs 80 Percent of Hourly Staff

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Puts Franchisees, Community First During Crisis

How Customers are Interacting with Fast Food in COVID-19 Era

The Importance of Restaurant Pest Control During COVID-19

Georgia to Reopen Restaurant Dining Rooms on April 27

Restaurant Industry Has Lost Two-Thirds of Workforce

Darden is Making Progress in COVID-19 Sales Recovery

Could COVID-19 Usher in a Golden Era for Pizza?

BJ’s Furloughs 200 Managers, 40 Support Center Employees

Restaurants May Never be the Same. But Could They be Better?

Fast Casual Leader: Follow These 4 Tips to Outlast COVID-19

Cheesecake Factory Inks $200 Million Investment with Roark Capital

Subway Franchisees Launch Subway Marketplace

Shake Shack Returns its $10 Million PPP Loan

The week of April 13

Cameron Mitchell’s Solutions to the Paycheck Protection Problem

How a Subway Franchisee is Helping Feed Thousands of Healthcare Workers

How to Ensure Meaningful Experiences When Dining Rooms Reopen

Shake Shack Gets $10 Million PPP Loan, Looks to Sell Shares

Trump Releases Plan for Reopening States

80 Percent of Independent Restaurants Aren’t Sure They’ll Survive

Starbucks to Reopen 'as Many Stores as We Can' in May

When COVID-19 Ends, Here’s How Restaurants Will Win

What Restaurants Can Do Now—and What They Should Do When It’s Time to Reopen

SBA's Relief Fund Runs Out of Money

22 Million File for Unemployment in Four Weeks

Franchise Disclosure Document State Extensions

Nearly All Jack in the Box Restaurants Remain Open

Outback Parent Hasn’t Laid Off or Furloughed Any Employees Due to COVID-19

Noodles' Sales Slid Almost 50 Percent During Early Weeks of Pandemic

Restaurants Join National Plan to Reopen Economy

The COVID-19 Bottom is Probably Behind Restaurants

Tensions Run High Between Restaurants, Delivery Apps in Pandemic

Mobile Gains Even More Importance During COVID-19

Adapting to the New Restaurant 'Norm'

Tip Pools in the Era of COVID-19 and Takeout-Only Operations

Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes, Now Available in the Deli Aisle

2020 Future of Fast Casual Report

Sardar Biglari Calls Cracker Barrel's Punch Bowl Move 'Panic Exit’

Red Robin Temporarily Closes 35 Locations, Cuts Support Center Positions

Dave & Buster’s to Sell Up to $75 million in Shares

Why the Pandemic Could Create Investment Opportunities

Off-Premises Menu Innovation Has Never Been More Critical

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s CEO Looks to June for COVID-19 Breakthrough

The Enduring Legacy of Chef Floyd Cardoz

13 Things That Could Change for Restaurants After COVID-19

5 Benefits of Having a Kitchen Ordering System

8 Strategies to Succeed in the Post-Lockdown World

San Francisco implements 15 Percent Cap on Third-Party Delivery Fees

Cybersecurity Concerns Spike for Restaurants During COVID-19

FoodFirst Global Declares Bankruptcy Amid COVID-19 Crisis

10 Top Takeout Innovations During Coronavirus

Post-COVID 19: The Pros and Cons of Location Takeovers

Week of April 6

First Watch Temporarily Closes All Company Locations

A Two-Week Period that Wreaked Havoc on Restaurants

Can Restaurants Fill the Supermarket Void?

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer: The Future of Restaurants Will Be Led by Trust

Are Grocery Stores Really Safer than Restaurants?

Texas Roadhouse’s Executive Team Donates Salaries to Hourly Employees

Fine Dining is Getting Slammed by COVID-19

Restaurants Warn Congress They Need More Funding

16 Million Have Filed for Unemployment in Three Weeks

FDA Temporarily Lifts Nutrition-Labeling Regulations for Restaurants

Trying to Make Sense of the Relief Loan Process

Starbucks was Preparing for the Coronavirus in February

El Pollo Loco Sees Slight Drop in First-Quarter Sales

McDonald’s to Cut $1 Billion in Spending as COVID-19 Derails Sales

Restaurants Fight for a Slice of the Spending Pie

White House Asks Congress for Additional $250 Billion to Aid Small Businesses

Starbucks to Provide Direct Relief Grants to Employees

Panera Launches Grocery Service Nationwide Out of Restaurants

The End of the Tunnel: 5 Steps for Getting Past COVID-19

Tilman Fertitta Taking Bold Steps to Keep Landry's Afloat

Wingstop Keeps Momentum Going Despite COVID-19

MTY Food Group Closes 2,100 Stores, Cuts Workforce in Half

Temporarily Closing Your Restaurant Due to COVID-19? Here’s a Checklist

A Restaurant's Guide to No-Contact Delivery

Denny’s Execs Take Pay Cuts as Sales Fall Due to COVID-19

Darden CEO: COVID-19 Challenges 'Far from Over’

Chick-fil-A Adding Handwashing Stations to Drive Thrus

'Extraordinary' Conditions Sink TGI Fridays' $380M Sale

BJ’s Restaurants Lays Off 16,000, Opts Not to Pay Rent

Independent Restaurants: Relief Bill is ‘Small Step on a Giant Staircase’

Have Restaurant Sales Bottomed Out?

How Food Halls Adapt to Social Distancing (podcast)

Psychologist: Restaurants Should Trust Experience to Navigate Pandemic 

How Checkers & Rally's New CEO Quickly Faced the COVID-19 Crisis

Foodservice Cleaning and Hygiene in the Age of COVID-19

3 Ways Restaurants Can Weather COVID-19 with Conversational AI

Why the CARES Act Shortchanges Restaurants

Week of March 30

Restaurants are Worried COVID-19 Could Break Them

Life as a Restaurant IT Director During COVID-19

How the Restaurant Industry is Responding to COVID-19

Food Halls and Trucks Feel the COVID-19 Burn

March Sales Drop 46 Percent at The Cheesecake Factory

Bloomin’ Brands CEO Forgoes Salary to Aid Employees

Dave & Buster's Considers Selling Stake as Stores Shut Down

Starbucks to Keep Stores Closed Until May 3

Restaurants Will Help America Return to a Sense of Normalcy

For Restaurants, Transparent and Consistent Communication is Key to Navigating COVID-19

Brinker CEO Cuts Salary in Half as Sales Fall, Delivery Rises

Popeyes' Sales Were Surging in Q1

Wendy’s to Give Employees at Corporate Stores 10 Percent Boost

A 10-Point Plan for Restaurant Employers During COVID-19 Crisis

McDonald’s to Check Employees’ Health Before Work

How an Award-Winning Restaurateur Keeps Guests Engaged During COVID-19

Full-Service Restaurant Spend Falls Below 5 Percent, Report Says

Contactless Ordering, and Other Tips to Navigate COVID-19

CraftWorks Fires Nearly All Its Employees

Red Robin Postpones Rollout of Donatos Pizza

Trying to Picture Life for Restaurants After COVID-19

Can the Paycheck Protection Program Help Your Restaurant?

How One Brand Raised $40K in the Midst of COVID-19

Insurers, Restaurants Ready to Wage War Over Policies 

Front Burner’s Furlough Kitchen is the Revolution Restaurants Need

Guy Fieri Partners with NRAEF to Help Restaurant Workers

Papa John’s Sees Steady Sales Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

How Restaurants Can Collaborate With Landlords to Secure Rent Relief

Great American Takeout 2: Back and Bigger Than Last Week

Domino’s Reports Positive Sales During Pandemic

Burger King Parent Advances Cash to Franchisees, Defers Rent

Who’s Growing During the Coronavirus Crisis? Pizza Chains

One Key Strategy for Life After Coronavirus (podcast)

Has COVID-19 Ended the ‘Live-to-Eat Society?’

5 Proven Restaurant Tactics During COVID-19

What Does the Stimulus Package Mean for Restaurants?

For Restaurants, there’s a Big Problem with the Stimulus Package

Ruth’s, Chuy’s Furlough Significant Amount of Employees

Yum! CEO Donates Salary to Employees

Trump Considers Restoring Full Corporate Tax Deduction for Meals

Week of March 23

Restaurant Catering in the Coronavirus Age

Switching to Takeout and Delivery Only? Here are 7 Critical Things to Know

House Passes $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

10 Perseverance Tips During COVID-19

Wow Bao Launches First-of-Its-Kind Off-Premises Strategy

The ONE Group Goes from 4,000 Employees to Under 100

Navigating Unprecedented Times: 5 Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Mobile App

The Cheesecake Factory Furloughs 41,000 Workers

Bankruptcy Cases Expected to Rise Significantly Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 Considerations for Restaurant Franchise Systems

Small-Town Restaurant Life During the Coronavirus Crisis

Communication Key to Cousins CEO in Time of Crisis (podcast)

The First 22 Days of March: Restaurants Have Lost $25 Billion

McDonald’s Suspends All-Day Breakfast Menu

Record-Breaking 3.28 Million File for Unemployment

Cheesecake Factory Says It Won’t Pay Rent

5 Strategies for Restaurant Survival to Implement Now 

$2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Plan Passes in Senate

Full-Service Restaurant Sales Drop 74 Percent in Five Days

Top Chef Masters Winner Floyd Cardoz Dies from COVID-19

Landry’s Furloughs 40,000 Employees

Coronavirus Hope No. 1 for Restaurants: Keep Staff Employed

Communicating About Coronavirus: 10 Ways Restaurants Should Engage

Yum! Brands Has 7,000 Restaurants Closed Globally

Punch Bowl Social Closes, Lays Off Majority of Employees

Texas Roadhouse CEO Gives Up Salary to Help Front-Line Employees

Massive $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Struck Early Wednesday

Can Kiosks Help Restaurants Stay Alive Through COVID-19?

Yelp: Consumer Interest for Restaurants Down 67 Percent

J. Alexander’s Furloughs 3,400 Workers Due to COVID-19

National Restaurant Association Cancels 2020 Show

Luby’s Closes 35 Units, Furloughs Most of Corporate Office

Tech CEO: We Feel for Restaurants Right now

Email Marketing During COVID-19: Is Your Brand Still on Autopilot?

Should Your Restaurant Add Third-Party Delivery, or Start its Own Network?

Here’s Where Restaurants and Workers Can Get Relief Funding During Coronavirus

Tips for Keeping the Lights On with Fazoli's CEO (podcast)

Grubhub CEO: 30 Percent of Restaurants Could Close

Fine-Dining Restaurants Adjust to a Brave New World

Restaurant Rescue Action Items for COVID-19

Frisch’s Adds Groceries to Help Guests During COVID-19 Crisis

When Delivery and Carryout Isn’t an Option for Restaurants

6 Ways Restaurants Can Drum Up Funds During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Financial Relief Isn't Coming Just Yet for Restaurants

Bankrupt CraftWorks Closes 261 Restaurants, Furloughs Most of 18,000 Employees

McDonald’s to Shutter All U.K. Restaurants

Starbucks Shuts Cafes Nationwide for at Least Two Weeks

Week of March 16

Chinese Restaurants Feel the Pain of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Rush Away From Restaurants Continues

Adjusting Your Service Model on the Fly (podcast)

Casual-Dining Brands Bolster Cash Reserves in Uncertain Financial Future

Darden CEO Not Taking Salary as Company Braces for COVID-19 Impact

Where is All the Restaurant Traffic Going?

How Firehouse Subs' CEO Navigates Coronavirus (podcast)

This LA Fast Casual is Working to Stop Hunger

Trump Signs Law Granting Sick Leave for Employees

Eatertainment Venues See Huge Losses Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Cameron Mitchell Ceases Operations, Furloughs 4,500 Employees

Is Your Restaurant Liable if Workers Test Positive for COVID-19?

Critical Planning and Communication for Restaurants Today

Inside the Chicago Restaurant World's Fight to Survive a Pandemic

One Restaurant’s Survival Idea? Become a Grocer

José Andrés’ Restaurants Transform into Community Kitchens

Nearly 30 Percent of People are Afraid to Eat Out

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group Lays Off 2,000 Workers

Economist: COVID-19 Presents Different Threat than Great Recession

National Restaurant Association Expects $225B Impact, 5–7M Jobs Lost from COVID-19

New York Eases Alcohol Delivery Law Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Amid Outbreak, Some Brands Rush to Support Employees

DoorDash to Temporarily Waive, Reduce Commission Fees

Report: 85 Percent of Upscale Restaurants Feel Traffic Hit from Coronavirus

A COVID-19 Cure for Restaurants: Reaching Older Diners

Trump: Don't Dine at Restaurants

McDonald's, Dunkin', Wendy's End Dine-In Service to Slow COVID-19

Uber Eats to Stop Delivery Fees for 100,000 Independent Restaurants

Restaurants to Offer ‘Dining Bonds’ to Lift Income

Where Fast Food Fits in the Coronavirus Crisis

Reports Differ on Possible Nationwide Curfew

Responding to COVID-19: Fast Food Focuses on Drive Thru, Pickup

Shake Shack's Dining Rooms Close Amid Coronavirus Spread

Why a Takeout-and-Delivery-Only Model Could Save Your Restaurant

Chick-fil-A Temporarily Shutters Dining Areas

Officials Across Country Close Restaurants, Bars

Coronavirus Crisis Communications for Restaurants: A Checklist

Starbucks Closes Seating in Favor of To-Go Model

The week of March 9

Golden Corral Employees are Washing Hands Every 20 Minutes

Grubhub Suspends Commission Payments to Help Independents

New York Cuts Capacity for Restaurants as Coronavirus Concerns Mount

What Customers Think About Restaurants and Coronavirus

Which Brands are Getting Hit the Hardest by the Coronavirus? Full-Service Spots

Why February was the Lull Before the Coronavirus Storm

Starbucks Expands 'Catastrophe Pay' for Coronavirus Care

McDonald’s to pay Quarantined Employees at U.S. Corporate Stores

Starbucks to Feel $400M Impact from Coronavirus

Darden Now Offering Paid Sick Leave for Employees

Here’s How Your Brand Should Prepare for COVID-19


Keeping Track of States Shutting Down Dine-In Service

The National Restaurant Association's Coronavirus Information Page

CDC's Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

World Health Organization on How to Get Your Workplace Ready