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How to Rethink the Plate in 2017

New cuisines, shifts in the center, and sides step up.

6. Aloha! Hawaiian cuisine gains traction in restaurants across the U.S.

7. Protein overload: From steakhouses to burger bars, entrées are stacking up with multiple meats per serving.

8. Thinking of citrus? use it to replace oils, sugar, and syrupy marinades to add moisture and a caramelized finish to roasted veggies and grilled meats.

9. Goat, Rabbit, Poke. Not a nursery rhyme, these are three of the hottest trending meats to menu.

10. Pork up the profit margin: The supply of U.S. hogs is up 3.8 percent year-over-year; good news since pork has been the fastest-growing protein in foodservice since 2011.

11. Source seasonal—in winter that means citrus. Lettuces come in spring; berries and melons in summer; squash and turnips for fall.

12. Plate to the pyramid: More veggies and grains, smaller portions of protein.

13. Pho and ramen are here to stay, but watch for hand-made, stretched and pulled Chinese Lamian to noodle onto menus in a big way.

14. The fish equivalent of nose-to-tail: Use every part—skin, scales, collar, and more.  

15. But source wisely: Fish is like a sponge, it acquires the taste of the water it comes from.

16. Update fries with a poutine that speaks to the local cuisine or culture of your market.

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