Marianna Massey

9 Ways to be a Restaurant Trend-Setter This Year

Maybe it’s time to defy convention—play with fire, eat bugs, challenge the norms.

68. Find flavorful (and profitable) beauty in ugly foods—like those aquatic bottom feeders or bruised produce.

69. Institute a 20 percent service charge to cover a no-tipping policy and increased minimum wage.

70. Looking to add both flavor and ambiance? Cook with live fire.

71. Use it, don’t lose it! Make the most of every possible edible, like citrus peels that can be candied to add a zest or garnish.  

72. Experiment with fish species that are underappreciated but prevalent to the point of becoming invasive and threatening to other species.

73. Want to lead a protein revolution? Consider introducing insects to your menu (other cultures have done it for centuries).

74. Rethink brining—it’s a flavor-enhancing technique that also helps make proteins more functional.

75. Make that stove smart: WiFi-enabled kitchen equipment sends alerts and allows for remote monitoring and management.

76. Turn the tables: Often a no-reservations policy or set-time seatings are more profitable alternatives than traditionally reserved seating.

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