9 Ingredients Defining the Plate in the New Year

From pantry staples to the hottest spices of the season, these are the ones that are stylin’ in 2017.

87. Avocado: It’s become the little black dress of the restaurant scene.

88. Olives—with their blend of sweet, sour, salty, and acidic tastes—amplify the flavors of other ingredients.

89. Fruit, like watermelon, is the ideal ingredient to accessorize dishes to be both savory and sweet.

90. Spices to give a whirl: Korean Gochujang, Middle Eastern za’atar, Japanese togarashi, and turmeric, for its supposedly healthy attributes.

91. For a bit of Peruvian heat, bring out the aji chili peppers.

92. Super grains, like quinoa and freekeh, keep gaining ground.

93. GYO (grow your own) is the DIY of chefdom. Whether it’s herbs in the galley or a full-fledged farm, no chef’s complete without some GYO bragging rights.

94. And sorghum, as a grain or a sweetener, just may be the kale of 2017.

95. Operational improvements are always in fashion, and this year’s labor-saving winners are ready-cut and prepped fresh produce.


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