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Customers want it all day long and chefs are responding with elevated offerings.

New flours and alternative grains mean big business for restaurants.

This collection of 50 emerging chains with 50 or fewer locations offers plenty of insight into how a full-service restaurant concept can grow. We’ve got the numbers driving the most exciting chains—and tips that will help your growing brand chart its own world domination.

When it comes to coffee and tea, taste is king.

Signature condiments and sauces are heating up.

Operators drive profits with global, premium ingredients.

Consumers want to try new flavors.

New ingredients add fresh appeal to menus.

Creative salad menus attract customers.

With serious popularity and versatility, pizza is always up-and-coming.

Vegetables and legumes take center-stage.

How It's Done is a monthly feature that demonstrates a chef's skill and inspiration behind one dish. At Ducks Eatery, chef and owner Will Horowitz is focused on learning the heritage techniques of curing and smoking. While Ducks is known for its smoked meats, the restaurant became a viral sensation for applying the same techniques to fruits and vegetables, most notably watermelon. Download the spread to find out how it's done.