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Restaurateurs have a secret weapon when it comes to defending their margins.
From appetizers to drinks to bar equipment, here are some key ingredients to liven up an untapped daypart.
A world of taste sensations can help the savvy restaurateur's menu stand out.
The best restauranteurs can anticipate everything guests want. What's hot right now, and what's up next?
Diners look for a full experience when they choose a restaurant. The setting matters as much as the food and service.
Local isn't everything. Plants menued in unique ways can help restaurateurs elevate their brands.
Cheese and its many accompaniments offer an opportunity for savvy restaurateurs to stand out.
Vendor partners help restaurateurs capitalize on the growing but oft-overlooked desire for dessert.
Food and beverage suppliers help restaurant operators deliver the health-conscious options today's consumers crave.
What the well-stocked restaurateur keeps on hand in both the front and back of the house.
From the beginning of the meal through to the end, specialty products help elevate restaurant menus.
From vegetables moving toward the center of the plate to guest gravitation toward authentic, ethnic tastes, choice is rampant for restaurants and the consumers they serve.
From wait-list management to table service, employee alerts to inventory control in the kitchen, technology is becoming the main ingredient for restaurant success.
Diners are increasingly selecting restaurants based on the overall experience, with the setting and seating as much a factor as food and service.
The right apparel and footwear can help reinforce a restaurant's brand while providing functional comfort and much-needed protection to reduce accidents.
Restaurants increase efficiencies, guest satisfaction, and the bottom line using the latest apps, tablets, and check-paying technologies.
it is time to upgrade a kitchen that is dated, poorly designed, or inefficient. A smarter kitchen will have a smaller footprint, better equipment, and less waste.
Liabilities lurk throughout the kitchen. Read about how to enhance food safety with a sanitation and disinfection regimen, and how to take the elbow grease out of kitchen ventilation maintenance.
Learn how to harness the power of POS to maximize productivity and profitability, benchmark performance to forecast success, and transform guest payments with technology.
Ocean's bounty will lure diners and drive profits. Includes recipes for Mediterranean Cod Cakes, Thai Basil Tilapia Spicy Ramen Pho, and Garlic Grilled Salmon Salad.
Blend frozen fruit into drink menus for natural, healthy choices. Includes recipes for Melon Berry Sipper, Peach Orchard Smoothie, Pina Colada Fruit Smoothie, and Savannah Sunrise.
Wild game and premium cuts bring adventure to menus. Includes recipes for Pork Anticuchos, Goat Varutharacha Curry, Alligator Scaloppini, and Sicilian Gnocchi and Slow-Roasted Pheasant Sauce.
Vegetables rise to the top of the culinary food chain. Includes recipes for Seared Russian Banana Fingerlings with Gorgonzola Cream Dip, Asparagus with Pine Nuts, Wasabi Soy Roasted Edamame Blend, and The Sardine Factory's Iceberg Babies with Monterey Bay Dungeness Crab.
A look at new uses for fine oils. Includes recipes for strawberry salmorejo, pork tenderloin with balsamic olive oil sauce, cheddar-parmesan poutine, and Scotch egg with grainy mustard sauce.
RestaurantSmarts is a bi-monthly special report from Restaurant Management that tackles a different topic in each issue from the vendor perspective. This issue is all about beverage service. You'll read about:
  • Handcrafted signature drinks
  • "Skinny" beverage solutions
  • The Popularity of Tea
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