Middle Eastern-Spiced Lamb Ribs

Lush American Lamb ribs are rubbed with Middle Eastern spices and slow roasted. The lamb riblets are grilled to order and served with a spicy peach mustard dipping sauce.

Turkey Burger Benedict

With a poached egg and jalapeño hollandaise sauce, this freshly grilled turkey burger makes a mouthwatering addition to breakfast and brunch menus.

Bountiful Smoothie

This blend of fruit, Nutella, and yogurt can serve as a fantastic breakfast offering, but it cal also be enjoyed throughout the day.

Jade Hummus with Pita Crisps

Delight your customers with this twist on a Middle Eastern classic: pita and hummus. This version is full of flavor and uses soy bean oil to give it a truly unique flavor.

Roasted Dates

This Roasted Dates dish is a favorite of actor Darren Criss, the restaurant says.

After Dinner Drink

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away, and this single day makes mouths water for unique, boozy beverages.

Garden Zen Cocktail

A calming blend of refreshing flavors, this cocktail by Kathy Casey at The Liquid Kitchen will add some zen to your menu.