Pregel AMERICA Debuts New Products

PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer in the world, is pleased to announce five new products; Green Tea Super Sprint, White Base Super Sprint, Brownie Batter Super Sprint, Pistachio Primavera Traditional Paste, and Pomegranate Arabeschi. The products are additions to the company’s existing lines that provide ingredient solutions for the preparation of frozen desserts. 

“Every year we look at our existing lines and try to determine what’s missing that our customers need and also determine what’s new and in line with the trends and demands of consumers,” says Jillian Hillard, marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA. “We believe all of our new products speak directly to these two things this year.”

On trend with ease of use and sought after flavor, the newest additions to PreGel’s Tenero (Soft Serve) and Gelato lines include: 

  • 91901 Green Tea Super Sprint – An instant gelato or soft serve mix, rich with the authentic flavor of green tea
  • 32355 White Base Super Sprint – An instant gelato or soft serve base that allows for quick preparation of a cream flavor and can be customized using any of PreGel’s Traditional Pastes or Fortefruttos
  • 305088 Brownie Batter Super Sprint – An instant gelato or soft serve product that is rich with the flavor of warm, fresh-baked brownies
  • Keeping with the company’s focus on authentic and high quality ingredients, PreGel’s additional new products include a pistachio paste that offers great taste and competitive pricing, as well as a unique filling:
  • 31272 Pistachio Primavera Traditional Paste – An authentic and economical pistachio paste that provides an intense flavor and bright green color for gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt and pastry
  • 38602 Pomegranate Arabeschi (Pomegranate with Seeds) – A refreshingly tart topping and filling packed with real pomegranate seeds that can also be utilized as a flavoring for gelato, ice cream, soft serve and pastry

PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients offer a shelf life of three years from the date of production, making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. All new products are available for sampling and the company is already developing recipes to accompany them. For sample requests or to get more information about PreGel’s ingredient solutions, visit



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