The Cellex kit includes 25 rapid, at-home tests for $100. 

DoorDash to Provide Discounted Rapid COVID Tests to Independents

The test provides results in approximately 15 minutes. 

DoorDash is partnering with biotech company Cellex to provide discounted at-home rapid COVID tests to 1,150 independent restaurants across the country. 

Starting February 16, partner restaurants with three locations or fewer will have access to an online order form to obtain a kit that includes 25 unique tests for $100 plus shipping and handling. The kits are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

In April, Cellex became the first company to receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization for rapid COVID antibody testing. In September, Cellex partnered with Gauss, a developer of computer vision applications, to roll out an at-home and point-of-care COVID antigen test. The test provides results in about 15 minutes. 

“Frequent testing with fast turnaround times is essential to slowing the spread of this dangerous disease,” said Dr. Nupur Mehta, clinical assistant professor of medicine at George Washington University, in a statement. “Using rapid tests like these can not only help to identify the disease, but provides peace of mind for both employees and customers that you are doing everything you can to ensure a safe working environment.”

The move is part of DoorDash’s Main Street Strong program, which is a series of initiatives to help restaurants recover from the pandemic. Within that program, the third-party delivery provider created a Restaurant Advisory Council—comprised of operators around the U.S.—that helps inform DoorDash of what restaurants need the most. It was from these discussions that the rapid testing initiative became a reality. 

“In a concerted effort to protect our employees and customers, rapid antigen testing has been a lifesaver,” said Starbird Chicken CEO Aaron Noveshen said in a statement. “In today’s environment, being able to keep your doors open even just one more day, means money back in your pocket to keep operations running for long term. We’ve spent over $20,000 on COVID-19 testing to date, so we appreciate the lengths DoorDash is going to provide this benefit for us.”

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