American-inspired cocktail bar and restaurant chain,TGI Fridays has announced it will be continuing its long-standing partnership with QSR Automations, the global leader in kitchen automation and restaurant technology. The latest collaboration will see the TGI Fridays brand further evolve its back-of-house technology across its 286 sites in the US and 87 in the UK to be best-in-class. 

The software and hardware upgrades will run in conjunction with TGI Fridays migrating to a new POS platform. The seamless integration into the latest version of QSR’s ConnectSmart Kitchen platform (CSK), will continue to future-proof its back-of-house, streamline operations, increase efficiencies, productivity and speed of service.

In addition, the US team will be refreshing all kitchen hardware, deploying the best-in-class ELO Backpack 4. In doing so, TGI Fridays is future-proofing its investment, as the hardware will remain compatible and keep pace alongside the evolution of the CSK platform. The upgrade will also give the brand the ability to run future CSK applications, such as Recipes and, if required, third-party interfaces and applications.

The data and analytics the CSK platform delivers will give TGI Fridays true, real-time insights into its operational performance to allow it to make precise, informed business decisions.  

This technology will allow TGI Fridays to immerse themselves in the feature-rich functionalities of CSK, including such features as Delayed Item Routing, to allow for the coordination and preparation of dishes to the pass. The Automated Coursing function has been configured in line with brand standards, to deliver a consistent pace of service. Demand Projections will ensure teams can monitor the current demand for a particular item, to deliver synchronized batch cooking. Both back and front-of-house management will be given the tools to monitor workloads across each station and, if required, deploy additional resources to ease pressure points for teams. Separating dine-in orders from off-premise can prove a nightmare for teams, however, with CSK, chefs will be able to separate and prioritize orders accordingly. Furthermore, to ensure reduced queues at collection points for customers and delivery drivers, the Order Ready Stations functionality will show when orders are ready for collection. 

Samuel H. Langley, Vice President, Information Technology commented: “We’ve worked with QSR Automations for over 20 years in the US and approaching 10 years in the UK and their ConnectSmart Kitchen platform is truly best-in-class. As a brand, technology is at the heart of our business. As such, we are huge advocates and recognize it goes hand-in-hand with the guest experience. We’re delighted with our latest technology evolution with QSR Automations as we enter this latest phase of our technology journey.”

Angela Leet, CEO, QSR Automations comments: “We’re thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with TGI Fridays to provide our best-in-class technology through our ConnectSmart Kitchen platform. As a business, we’re insanely passionate about innovation and evolving our technology to provide such iconic, leading brands such as TGI Fridays, the means to deliver not only operational excellence but also the very best guest experience.”

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