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INNOVA Introduces Salt Reduction Technology

INNOVA's new proprietary salt reduction technology has been created to stimulate taste receptors on the tongue to create the perception of salt without the need for high sodium addition. The new product, SaltSavor is effective in a variety of applications that require 25-50% salt reduction. The company claims the product can be used in gravies, […]

Making Sense of HACCP

It’s appropriate that Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) was developed by NASA to keep astronauts from coming down with foodborne illness in outer space because sometimes it really does seem like rocket science. But Mary Anne Hogue, vice president of food safety services for The Steritech Group, helped put it in layman’s terms […]

Technology Blurs the Lines Between Quick-Service, Fast-Casual, and Full-Service

Technology featured at the 2005 North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Show shows how the lines between quick-service, fast-casual, and full-service restaurants are beginning to blur. Where speed and service once set these three separate concepts apart, new technology is helping to bridge the gap–and fast-casual seems to be benefitting the most. While quick-serve […]

Innovations in Antimicrobials Provide Another Tool to Improve Food Safety

According to a FDA report, 21.9 percent of quick-service restaurants were cited for contaminated equipment and 31.2 percent for poor personal hygiene in 2004, and the Centers For Disease Control estimates an average of 40 million cases of food poisoning per year in the United States. All that leads to a whole lot of lawsuits […]

RFID Allows Operators to Keep Tabs on Products to Ensure Integrity

RFID is rapidly gaining ground in the manufacturing and distributing world, where the technology is being used to track inventory through the placement of RFID tags on boxes and pallets. The tags can be programmed with information about shipment quantity and can even be used to ensure product integrity by keeping tabs on temperature changes […]

Leaders in Kitchen Innovation Honored

New at the NRA show this year is a pavilion devoted to Kitchen Innovations, featuring the winners of the 2005 Kitchen Innovations Award, as judged by a panel of eight design, fabrication, and equipment experts. Among the highlights for quick-serve and fast-casual: Fluke was honored for its FoodPro Plus, a non-contact infrared thermometer, which instantly […]

Hormel’s New TrueTaste Technology Pairs Food Safety and Flavor

The food processor’s proprietary TrueTaste technology eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in sliced deli meats. Hormel Foods today revealed that it will no longer rely on chemical preservatives like sodium lactate, potassium lactate, and sodium diacetate to process its Bread Ready sliced meats line. Instead, the company will use a high-pressure system it calls […]

Groundbreaking Kitchen Equipment Highlighted

In an effort to further engage restaurant operators, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) debuted a new awards program and a new pavilion under its Kitchen Innovations banner today. Both the Kitchen Innovations Award program and the pavilion were developed to highlight what the NRA terms “the most groundbreaking back-of-the-house restaurant equipment on the market.” Each […]