Last year, Inline responded to the overwhelming  need for tamper-evident, tamper resistant packaging that offered the ability to protect hot food  applications at the shelf, during third-party deliveries, and throughout the preparation and  distribution process by successfully launching the first polypropylene product family with the  company’s patented tamper evident technology. Safe-T-Chef was an entirely new product line, uniquely designed to add layers of protection for hot foods. Today, Inline is expanding that  family to include the release of a new non-domed, flat lid option for 5×5 and 9×6 Safe-T-Chef packaging.  

All the tried and true Safe-T-Chef features remain unchanged. The patented tamper-resistant  seal and tear-strip, exceptional clarity, leak resistance, and scoopable corners are still there.  The only difference – applications that don’t require the extra head space because of content  

volumetrics now have an alternative, a non-domed, flat lid design giving the packaging contents  a fuller appearance. Additionally, the new flat lid design offers robust merchandising  opportunities with increased stacking capabilities and enhanced stability during transport. 

“By expanding the Safe-T-Chef line to include a new lid option, customers and consumers have  an unlimited variety of usage applications with the ability to choose between the traditional  dome style or the new non-domed, flat design,” explained Tom Orkisz, Chairman and CEO of  Inline Plastics. 

Restaurants, convenience stores, food service, supermarkets and processors already recognize the value Safe-T-Chef offers for ensuring quality, freshness, and the security of the hot foods  inside. With two lid design options, the packaging combinations for anything from individual or  family-size side dishes, to entrees, or even multi-course meals continues to grow.

This is one more example of how Inline is committed to listening to market feedback, innovating,  and continuously expanding the versatility of its products so that there is always a packaging  solution available. 

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