Jaleo by José Andrés has recently welcomed, Carlota Gil López, an extraordinary talent in the art of Jamón carving, who has not only mastered this intricate craft but has also broken through the traditionally male-dominated culinary field. She now holds a pivotal role as the Head Jamón Carver at Jaleo in Disney Springs, a leader in the restaurant industry with a distinguished reputation in the culinary world.

López arrived in the United States to continue her trainings in the art of Jamon Carving and Culinary Arts. With more than five years in the Jamón cutting industry, she has worked for some of Spain’s most accomplished Jamón masters. Lopez was chosen by James Beard Awarding-winning chef and Humanitarian, José Andrés and his team to come to Orlando for the the lead role as the Jamón Carver at Jaleo, a pivotal position that includes not only wowing patrons at the restaurant but also representing the brand at off-site events around the country. Her remarkable skills have even earned her a place at esteemed events hosted by the Spanish Embassy, further cementing her status as a culinary trailblazer and ambassador of Spanish tradition.

“It is an absolute honor to have Carlota López as our master Jamón carver at Jaleo Disney Springs. Her exceptional talent as a professional in this intricate art form is a source of immense pride for our restaurant,” says Kristoffer Anderson, Head Chef at Jaleo Disney Springs.

In addition to her contributions at Jaleo Disney Spring, López has also represented JAG (José Andrés Group) at many of off-site events for the brand. In 2022, showcased her artform cutting Jamon Iberico de Bellota at Orlando’s Fusion Festival. The event is a beloved culinary event in the Central Florida community, driven by diversity and its dedicated to celebrating the cuisine of multiple nations and cultures. Lopéz and Chef Anderson are currently in the planning stages of various new activations and programming at Jaleo incuding Jamón classes, tasting menus, and events designed around Spain’s most iconic delicacy.

Lopez’s journey from her hometown of Burgos, Spain, to becoming a master Jamón carver is nothing short of exceptional. Leaving her hometown at 18 to pursue higher education in Valladolid, she soon realized her heart belonged to the world of Jamón. In a daring departure from traditional career paths, Carlota embarked on a profession that was both unconventional and demanding.

She began with humble practice sessions at home, where she honed her craft one delicate slice at a time before enrolling in courses. Today, she stands as a shining example of relentless dedication and serves as an inspiration to women looking to break into this field.

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