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Gender Positives for Restaurant Operators

One of the things I love most in an interview is the unexpected answer.  Like hearing Van Eure, owner and operator of The Angus Barn, describe herself as a teacher. Van is the consummate business woman and omnipresent restaurateur, with a commanding and sophisticated presence. I expected a description like visionary, or even activist because […]

Restaurants Should Exercise Options to Support Healthy Eating Habits

Fellow foodies, I’d like to take a moment to dish about what’s on our dishes. Believing that everyone in this industry has a passion for food, I think many of us share an occupational hazard—waist creep. That said, I’m happy to report the scale is flashing 10 pounds lighter than six months ago. More significantly, […]

5 Best Practices for Using the Web to Your Restaurant’s Advantage

From food trucks to five-star dining, the Internet has the power to make or break a restaurant. Yet with the hustle and bustle required to run a successful restaurant, the last things on many owners’ minds at the end of the day are their websites and social media pages. Restaurant owners are responsible for every […]