Sometimes it’s about the journey and the destination. Technology solutions company BrewLogix announced the launch of its Brewery mobile app, an extension of the trusted site Brewery—the world’s largest curated database of independent craft brews and breweries. Designed for discerning drinkers and casual drinkers alike, the innovative and intuitive app allows users to find, filter, search, and route their way to breweries in their neighborhood and around the country, creating completely customized and curated brewery experiences that cater to each individual user’s needs and interests. Brewery allows beer fans to create their own brew adventure and discover the unexpected. 

Among the unique features of the new Brewery app are the ability for users to create BreweryRoutes and Boards: 

Build your own brewery route: The enhanced BreweryRoutes feature lets users plan and craft their own personalized beer trail. Whether exploring a new city or discovering hidden gems in your hometown, BreweryRoutes enables users to navigate with confidence using real-time maps, directions, and estimated travel times. Those looking for a brewery adventure are sure to uncover surprises along the way. 

Create customized boards: Users can create their own customized Boards (think: Pinterest for beer), allowing them to save their favorite brews, locations and routes throughout their beer journey. Whether you’re assembling a collection of must-try Stouts, highlighting local breweries that are dog-friendly, or sharing your top picks for summer Sours, Boards allows you to curate and display your brew discoveries in a visually engaging and interactive manner. It’s also an opportunity to showcase and fully immerse oneself in the unique culture each brewery has to offer. 

“Beer lovers have long relied on Brewery to help them navigate the ever-evolving world of craft beer. The Brewery app is designed to open the door to an expansive universe of craft brew possibilities,” says Lori Bolin, president and Chief Strategy Officer, BrewLogix. “The curated data we have in our platform is unparalleled and the Brewery app is another touchpoint within our ecosystem to help build meaningful pathways between craft beer fans and breweries.” 

The information in the app is powered by the leading MarketMyBrewery platform, offering a deep database of over 13,000 breweries worldwide, 125,000+ beers, kombucha and cider, and the taprooms these craft brewed products call home, offering users access to discover new flavors and experiences.   

“Our goal is to create an additive experience where users are in control of their own beer destiny,” adds Bolin. “By leveraging objective information directly from the brewery source as well as the user’s own experience, they are creating their own personal and authentic reference point, not reliant on ratings or other more subjective data. Eventually, the more times users engage and share their preferences, the smarter the app will become.” 

BrewLogix uses cutting-edge technology to help connect customers and breweries, and elevate the beer experience through their integrated ecosystem of products, which consists of Brewery, MarketMyBrewery and The Performance Platform. The Performance Platform is BrewLogix’s patented technology that directly serves and delivers vital insights to restaurant, bar, hospitality and craft brewery customers with draft beverage programs. Through MarketMyBrewery, BrewLogix works directly with brewers to efficiently source meaningful product and taproom data, strengthening the craft-on-draft experience at brewery taprooms and distributing accurate product knowledge to better bars and restaurants everywhere. This information in turn powers Brewery. 


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