Hospitality quality and data technology company BarTrack announced an ongoing partnership with the national craft beer franchise Voodoo Brewing Company. With a presence from coast to coast, Voodoo Brewing’s 18 locations span eight states and include several independently owned and operated locations. Voodoo Brewing utilizes BarTrack’s industry-leading quality management system to monitor and improve its draft beverage quality and minimize waste. 
“As a manufacturer, the most important thing to our company and our brewers is having every beer be presented to the customer exactly how the brewer intended,” says Matteo Rachocki, CEO of Voodoo Brewing Company. “We are able to achieve that consistently with the BarTrack system. It allows us to ensure the quality of every beer as it reaches the customer’s glass. And if we do find an issue, we’re able to track the loss and prevent it from happening again.” 
BarTrack uses plug-and-play sensors to measure nearly a dozen beverage-specific variables. This insightful data provides bar, restaurant, and brewery teams real-time access to metrics that impact beverage quality, including keg levels, line temperature, pressure, cooler health, line cleanliness, and more. BarTrack’s insightful draft beverage monitoring technology also provides Voodoo Brewing’s management teams with one-of-a-kind reports they can use to pinpoint where, when, why, and how beverage waste occurs. Armed with that data, BarTrack’s consultants strategize with management teams to implement or adjust standard operating procedures to increase profitability and management efficiency. 
“The two-part value of Bartrack is in inventory management and pour quality. BarTrack reports give us the ability to analyze what is happening behind the bar, like if staff is using the wrong glass or forgetting to ring in drinks, and in the cooler,” adds Nathan McCutchen, franchise owner of Voodoo Brewing Company at West Pike. “We can see line issues and beer quality right from the report and step in quickly to fix the problem before it becomes costly.”
BarTack’s system is the only platform in the world to monitor draft beverage quality and keg levels in real time with no moving parts or intrusion to the beer line. The data from the sensors, combined with the intuitive BarTrack App and data from point-of-sale integrations, delivers a comprehensive view of the causes and impact of waste on the bottom line. 
For a franchise with locations spanning the country, BarTrack’s insights can ensure every beer is enjoyed as intended. “BarTrack holds our product integrity as beer makes its way from tanks in Meadville, Penn., all the way to locations in Las Vegas and South Carolina. Wherever you can have a Voodoo beer, BarTrack helps us ensure it’s going to pour and taste the same,” says Andrew Volanski, Director of Operations for Voodoo Franchise Group. 
“We’re thrilled to partner with Voodoo Brewing Company, helping them ensure quality as they continue to expand their national footprint and helping their franchisees maximize profitability and ensure the best drinking experience for their guests,” adds Brett Danielson, founder and CEO of BarTrack. “We’re excited to be able to extend our helping hand as their amazing brand continues to expand.” 
Brewery and franchise teams can request a demo to learn more about BarTrack’s innovative quality and data technology and POS integrations. 
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