Chains With Waiters Rank As Favorites With Kids

A new survey of over 1,700 youngsters between the ages of 5 and 15, conducted by Chicago-based Y-Pulse LLC, confirms that kids often cite restaurant chains with waiter service as their favorite places to eat and overwhelmingly, for taste reasons.

According to the survey, when asked about their favorite places to eat, the top two overall answers were “chain restaurants with waiter service” and “at home,” outpolling other locations like shopping mall foodcourts, convenience stores, fast food chains, local neighborhood restaurants with waiter service and schools.

When asked why these restaurants rate so highly, youngsters revealed quality and service is what draws them in.  “It has really good food” was the most common reason across all age groups.  Noted one thirteen-year-old girl: “I love well cooked meals.”

Beyond taste in general, the next most frequently listed reason for picking chain restaurants with waiter service centered on service. One respondent explained:  "You don’t have to clean up after yourself.”  Other top reasons for favoring chain restaurants with waiter service included variety of choices and something different from what is served at home.

“The Y-Pulse research, which asks kids directly about their favorite foods and favorite places to eat those foods, reveals that taste is the main reason for restaurants with waiter service as a top choice,” says Sharon Olson, partner with Y-Pulse LLC.

“Across the board, from the drive-thru to the school cafeteria, today’s youths are learning that balance and variety are good things and that a classic burger and fries and a grilled seasoned chicken sandwich with cut-up apples all have their place. It’s the taste that makes the difference between a favorite and a non-favorite.”

Youths in the Y-Pulse survey express openness to variety on the menu—as long as the food tastes good. “You can also try new things they serve,” pointed out one survey participant.  Said another: "They have really good food and lots of choices.”

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