Manny's Steakhouse Proves Time is the Best Tenderizer

Lesser steaks, bow before your elder: the new 65-day aged, bone-in 20 oz. New York Strip is now available from Manny’s Steakhouse.

Several features give this steak the right to throw its “wait” around:

  • 65-day aging: “Time is the best tenderizer,” says Chef Josh Hill of Manny’s. “It yields meat that’s both sublimely flavorful and incredibly tender.”
  • Keeping the bone in: “The closer the meat is to the bone, the richer and more complex the taste,” Hill explains. “Aging the steak 65 days on the bone gives it a unique, acorn-like nuttiness.”
  • The nature of the New York Strip: “The cut’s natural marbling makes it inherently tender and flavorful, yet it has a robustness that can stand up to the aging process,” Hill says. “If we tried this with a filet, it would lose all its texture.”
  • Manny’s quality: “We serve only corn-fed Midwestern beef, hand-selected, center-cut and custom-trimmed for us by master butchers,” Hill explains. “Apart from our filets, it’s dry-aged. And all our beef is meticulously tracked to ensure chain of custody. The fact is, we exceed every industry standard for quality.”

Priced at $64.95, the 65-day aged bone-in New York Strip always sells out. “We get a small quantity in every Friday,” Hill says, “and have yet to make our shipment last through the week.”

“We serve bigger steaks, but you’ll never find a better one than this – and I mean anywhere,” says Manny’s founder, Phil Roberts.

What makes it special? “The goal of a great steak is to deliver maximum flavor and tenderness,” answers Roberts, “but it’s an elusive combination because those qualities typically come at each other’s expense.

The 65-day aged bone-in New York Strip excels on both counts.

Why don’t other restaurants offer a steak like this? “It’s too expensive, for one thing,” Hill says. “After 65 days of aging, the exterior becomes too soft to eat, so the steak has to be trimmed. You also lose moisture over time. Both factors reduce yield, and raise costs.

“Moreover, the process requires just the right combination of wet and dry aging to take both the flavor and tenderness to the highest level. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you won’t get the stellar results your guests have every right to expect.”

“The intensity of flavor – the deep, deep beefiness – is not for everyone,” explains Hill. “If you’re a wavering vegan, maybe take a pass on the 65-day aged bone-in New

York Strip. But if you’re a hardcore carnivore, get ready for something special.”

Rated one of the Top 10 steakhouses in America by the Zagat Survey, Manny’s Steakhouse serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily at the W Minneapolis – The Foshay in downtown Minneapolis.

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