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Roz Mallet balances two roles as she leads the NRA and her Dallas-based restaurant company.

Roz Mallet balances two roles as she leads the NRA and her Dallas-based restaurant company.

As Roz Mallet treads the halls of Congress before meeting with legislators about important restaurant-industry issues, she’s on the phone, discussing a separate, vital matter with her business partner at their fledgling company back home in Dallas.

This type of balancing act has become routine for Mallet, who has the voluntary one-year role of chair of the National Restaurant Association.

It takes a particular personality to run a business at the same time as speaking for an industry that encompasses some 13 million people and affects tens of millions more.

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to represent our industry,” she says. At the same time, she advises, “No one does this unless they are excited and passionate about it.”

Those who know Rosalyn Mallet say she is perfect for the role.

“It is important at this time to have someone with a clear vision and who can articulate that vision. That’s Roz,” says Wallace Doolin, a veteran restaurant executive who is founder, chairman and chief executive of Thomas Doolin & Associates in Dallas, Texas.

“She is such an immense talent,” adds the industry veteran and consultant, who has been one of Mallet’s mentors since he first hired her nearly three decades ago at a then-budding Applebee’s. “She knows the restaurant business and knows it very well.”

Mallet is an ideal leader for the association because she thinks strategically and is “genuinely interested in the state of the industry,” says Edna Morris, managing director of Charlotte, North Carolina-based private equity firm Axum Capital Partners.

“Roz is passionate, but it’s a quiet passion,” says the long-time restaurant-industry professional, whose career includes a stint as president of Red Lobster. “She doesn’t have to be the center of attention. But when she speaks, she has something to say.”

Mallet’s restaurant career includes leadership in human resources, operations, franchising, strategy, and more at casual and limited-service restaurant companies.

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Roz inspires all leaders to "aspire higher". She walks the talk

Roz's track record is legendary, is a pleasure to work with and presents a refreshing and credible face for our industry.


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