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Sensory overload or sensational experience: it’s all in how you manage the moment for your guests.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Sound Effects
All the world's a stage—especially in sports bars and restaurants where impromptu karaoke performances and competitive trivia nights attract loyal followings—and Pioneer has just the gear to make those experiences more memorable. Pioneer's new XY series of full-range passive loudspeakers produce high fidelity exceptional sound. Smaller speaker boxes, 8-inch and 12-inch woofer size, are ideal for venues desiring a soothing and relaxing environment. Priced to order.
Audio on Demand
A simple app downloads to mobile phones or tablets so diners can listen to any TV in the restaurant. An easily installed, proprietary "hear TV" audio box connects to the restaurant's TVs or satellite receivers and transmits sound over WiFi to customers' mobile devices. Guests can download the "light" app version free of charge. Each "hear TV" location has a $299 annual licensing fee plus a $29.95 monthly fee per satellite box.
Electronic Menu Boards
What's better than 99 bottles of beer on the wall? A dynamic listing of every beer on your menu—or every beverage on your menu if you choose. Customize messages fast and easy to promote craft beers, new wines, or specialty cocktails. SiRV Interactive is also perfect for streaming sports scores, stock quotes, customer tweets, Instagram posts, or even building your revenue stream with banner ads. Priced from $800–$1,200.
Tabletop Touchscreen
Talk about instant and interactive gratification—guests can view menus, place orders, play games, even watch media—all on their tabletop. And with AirConnect, a new app for smartphones, customers can send content from their mobile phones to an InTouch table. T1Visions, known for its large-format, multi-user interactive touchscreens, has put it all on the table. Priced to order.