jumbo Virginia peanuts from Hope & Harmony Farm


The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Farm Spread

With knife in hand over a pristine stainless prep surface or fork poised above a candlelit white tablecloth, chef and diner alike need never forget food often begins with hands that reached into the dirt.

Gourmet Peanuts

These jumbo Virginia peanuts from Hope & Harmony Farm are bursting with salty flavor and crunch. Grown on a fourth-generation family farm, each batch of peanuts is cooked according to a time-honored family recipe in pure 100 percent peanut oil. The artisan product is made to order in small batches, effectively delivering the freshest product possible. Peanuts are classified a superfood and have 7 grams of protein, more than any nut. In addition to tins, ranging from 4.9 ounces to 40 ounces, the gourmet, salted peanuts are available in 22-pound bulk boxes and have a shelf life of six to nine months. Priced to order.



Lamb Baa’con

Chefs who want the sizzle but not the pork now have a bacon alternative that delivers on flavor and works nicely in a variety of dishes. Superior Farms’ Lamb Bacon is cut from the lamb breast, cured, and hardwood-smoked. It’s sold in slabs and can be sliced, diced, crumbled, and combined with other menu items to form creative and crowd-pleasing dishes. $6.99 per pound.



Pots of Gold

For a dining experience that really speaks to garden fresh, serve food in these Melamine Terra Cotta Pots, which are perfectly sized to fit individual servings or shared sides. Ranging in size from 2 to 24 ounces, there’s plenty of variety to meet all sorts of foodservice demands, from casual dining to catering buffets, garden parties, weddings, and more. $3.60 to $9.40 each.



Bringing in the Bacon

Combining the demand for heritage-breed pork with the seemingly ubiquitous desire for bacon, the fresh Mangalitsa by Møsefund bacon burger is coming to restaurant menus. Also called Kobe pork, the fresh (not frozen) burger patties are available in 2-, 4-, 5-, and 8-ounce portions. The Møsefund Farm takes special care with its Mangalitsa heritage-breed pigs, feeding them a wholesome diet that yields marbled meat cuts high in healthy fats. $8.99 per pound.



Patent-Pending Prepped Peppers

Say that one five times fast—better yet, check out the new fully cleaned, seeded, and cored Redy-Pep Bell Peppers from Church Brothers Farms. The tops and seeds are gone, but the value’s added to give chefs consistent quality, uniform size, and convenient prepping. The new-to-market format reduces food waste and labor. The 18-day shelf life is longer than traditional peppers, and these babies can be stored from 34 degrees to 38 degrees. Priced to order.



Never-Ever Land

As part of its No Antibiotics Ever line, Perdue’s chicken and turkey offerings are now completely free of antibiotics. The chickens and turkeys are fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts. The antibiotic-free poultry portfolio covers more than 150 products, including roasts, sliced meats, burgers, sausages, and breakfast meats. Priced to order.



Deep Run Roots

Chef Vivian Howard co-owns Chef and the Farmer restaurant with her husband, Ben Knight, and she co-created the Peabody Award–winning PBS series “A Chef’s Life” with childhood friend Cynthia Hill, but this book is hers alone, and it represents a premier moment of self-expression. Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South frees the James Beard Award–winning chef and aspiring journalist to showcase her storytelling prowess while sharing more than 200 recipes. Replete with photos, the hardcover book is $27.54; and the Kindle version is $16.99.