the Barbarian


The 2017 Buyer’s Guide—Bar & Beverage

From tea time to toasting the midnight hour, all these little details contribute to decisions that can impact and improve beverage service.

Rugged Bartending

Instead of a Swiss Army knife, bartenders need only grasp the Barbarian, which has nine bar tools in one handy device. As a citrus press, it’s great for squeezing limes, lemons, and oranges. The tool’s jigger measures 1-ounce, 1.5-ounce, and 5-ounce pours. There’s a corkscrew and lever, a zester, a channel knife, a convenient can lance, a 1-inch knife, and a citrus knife. $59.95


Natural Selection

As craft cocktails continue to mature in complexity and beauty, so should the drinkware. Hence American Metalcraft turned to natural elements, like antique and shiny copper or stainless steel, available in mirror and satin finishes. The trendy mix, which includes cocktail shakers, steel jiggers, mugs, tumblers, and drink cans, is the perfect match for beverage programs in urban settings with an industrial contemporary vibe. Priced to order, the collection starts at $3 per piece.


Bright Idea

Voila! The PayVue Illuminated Cash Drawer takes restaurant operators out of the dark ages—literally. Perfect for venues with a low-lit ambiance, the product improves transaction time and reduces errors. Additionally, the lit-up cash drawer greatly decreases the chance of theft—a big issue for dimly lit bars and restaurants. $295


Quick to Concentrate

A watched teapot may never boil, but a new system from BKON Craft Brewers is nearly eliminating the wait time. Featuring Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (rain) technology, the Craft Brewer uses controlled-vacuum-infusion cycles to extract the natural flavor from loose-leaf teas, coffee, and botanicals. In 90 seconds, the concentrates are ready to be poured over ice. $24,250

Cherries with 6% ABV

Putting an adult take on childhood nostalgia, Twisted Cherries are maraschino cherries infused with alcohol. Perfect toppers for cocktails or desserts, they can even be baked or eaten straight from the jar. Available in two varieties: Balls of Fire, which are infused with cinnamon, or as the Original Cherry Bomb. Sold in 12.6-ounce jars, priced $9.98 each, or $17.98 for a combo pack of both flavors.

Tempting Tastes

Red Diamond has imparted eight tropical flavors into its orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas and green teas, creating an array of fresh iced-beverage options. The Tropical Temptations line includes Pink Grapefruit Black Tea, Mango-Infused Green Tea, and Toasted Coconut Tea. Available in 4-ounce open brew packets that come in 30-count cases.


Compact for Countertops

Elaborate frozen beverages don’t require a giant machine or complicated equipment. The Stoelting Mini Soft Serve Countertop Freezer is a simple plug-and-play installation with a compact footprint that saves space. Lightweight and portable, it can follow the crowd—from bar, to catered affairs, even to pop-up events or food trucks. It can use both dry and liquid mixes to create everything from frozen desserts to frosty beverages. A horizontal auger gently folds the product over the freezer plate for consistent results. $3,400

Through the Looking Glass

Beverages shine when poured into glasses cleaned by the Hobart Advansys LXGe glasswashers, which efficiently clean glasses without leaving any chemical residue. The new glasswashers are ENERGY STAR–qualified with one-button operation and a special “Soft Start” feature that helps protect glasses from chipping and breaking. The compact washers come in two heights, allowing them to fit into nearly any establishment. Priced to order.


Luxury Stemware Made in America

Defined by equal parts elegance and strength, the Master Reserve collection provides an elevated dining experience and superior durability in foodservice stemware. Three of the most distinctive pieces—the Prism Flute, the Renaissance Martini, and the Rivere Red Wine—offer versatile and innovative features. The modern angles of the Flute provide a visual cue to control pour volume. The timeless Martini has an exceptionally deep vessel for reduced splash. And the statuesque Red Wine is characterized by a beadless rim, svelte stem, and unprecedented flat-footed base. 

Available with 12 pieces per carton, the 8-ounce Prism Flute is priced $109.44 per carton, the 7-ounce Renaissance Martini is $96.84 per carton, and the 23.5-ounce Red Wine is $138.96 per carton.


Freeze Out Microbes

This new antimicrobial ice protection system puts the risk of bacteria, yeast, and mold on ice. The Franke EcO3Ice treats water entering ice machines with a safe yet effective amount of pure ozone to reduce microbial buildup. With EcO3Ice in place, restaurants can cut the frequency of professional, deep-cleaning services in half. $698


Fashionable Form and Function

The latest fashion diva to hit the bar scene is the Ayla Seating Collection, introduced in mid-October and stunning restaurant settings with the evocative linear simplicity of its contemporary design. The frames of these side chairs, arm chairs, and barstools are made of tubular steel with a durable, powder-coated black or aluminum finish. The backs are available in either all-wood or an upholstered front and stained wood back. The seats can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and include grooved channels that mimic the linear nature of the frame. Priced to order.