March 2016

A Seed Flourishes

When The New Native American Cuisine first came out in 2009, it was one of just a few books about indigenous ingredients and cooking native to this country.

Tips to Assess Possible Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is no fun; it results in loss of business and costly repairs. As any restaurant owner knows, closing your doors is simply not an option—the show must go on!

Smoke on the Water

Cocktails starring perfect crystalline ice are among the hallmarks of today’s quality bars.

Indigenous Cuisine

To find the real origin of the words local and sustainable, we should dig deeper into the native culture of the Americas—an ancestral heritage that includes the foods that are tru

Meatless Comfort Foods

For vegetarians and vegans, salad or pasta is often the sole option when dining out—hardly a reflection of a chef’s craftsmanship and more likely an afterthought.

Crafting Bitters and Breaking Barriers

When Chris McNeal came on as beverage director at Bar Dupont in Washington, D.C., he was tasked with finding a purpose for an unused alcove in the corner of the bar.

Dining Etiquette in a Digital Age

In this advanced digital age, rules of etiquette still apply in the restaurant setting, even if they do seem to change as quickly as the latest smartphone craze.