March 2013

Genuine Customer Experience Is Back For Seconds

Ask the technology skeptics whether they think technology has helped or hindered interpersonal communication, and invariably they’ll offer muted grumblings like “talk much, say little, connect less

A Breath of Fresh Air

Credit the green movement, the obsession with healthy lifestyles, the desire to optimize social engagement—or all of the above; whatever the reason, restaurants are increasingly designing natural e

Bus to Perfection: Barely Seen, Never Heard

Ideally, diners shouldn’t even notice it. The best wait staffs swoop in and out, quickly and efficiently clearing tables. But when busing goes badly, it can ruin the dining experience .

Complying with the Costly Affordable Care Act

Restaurateurs are searching for ways to mitigate increased costs when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014 and any restaurant with 50 or more full-time employees is r