July 2015

New Takes on Nutella

Across America, chefs are using Nutella, the hazelnut spread created in 1944 in Italy, as the foundation for creative dishes that go beyond breakfast to include savory entrées and gourmet desserts. ...

A New Twist on Culinary Class

Photographer Alan Batt has been photographing restaurants in New York City for nearly 15 years, and he has befriended many key players in the kitchens.

Pay-to-Play Social Media for Restaurants

Creating good content is an integral part to any digital marketing strategy. The issue many brands face is how to generate exposure with that content they've developed.

Appetizer Evolutions

There’s not an exact science to predict what’s hot in the world of menuing and foodservice, but Jennifer Aranas, a project director with Datassential, says a keen eye is the next best thing. ...

Take Two on a Timely Concept

A year before Urban Farmer Cleveland was set to open, a restaurant team from Portland, Oregon, traveled east to meet Cleveland’s farmers, ranchers, and fishermen.

Reset the Wine Clock

Milwaukee sommelier Nate Norfolk, who sells wine to restaurants through distributor Purple Feet Wines, thinks wine dinners often get stuffy and formal, making it difficult for him to work the room ...

Garden Delights

At the Chicago outpost of Fig & Olive, guests eat their goat cheese/caramelized onion/chive crostini and lemon/pine nut/zucchini carpaccio alongside drinks such as the Sweet Red Pepper, wherein ...