July 2013

Regional Chain Restaurants Take Their Time

They may not have the major marketing budgets that national chains have, but smaller full-service chains have found effective strategies to endear themselves to consumers in a big way. ...

Is Square the Answer?

The broad availability and purported ease of mobile “dongle-style” point of sale (POS) solutions like Square, Groupon, and Intuit’s GoPa

Wine-Flight Wonders

Admittedly, I make snap judgments on a restaurant’s wine menu based on the number of wines—and the global breadth—available for a small pour.

Plated with a Feminine Flair

For years consumers have been oohing and ahhing over beautifully plated dishes in magazines, on television, and at restaurants.

The Botany of the Bar

The cocktail craze has mixologists vying to see who can craft the most memorable beverage—one that will inspire guests to share the latest and greatest bar buzz with all their friends. ...