August 2016

Giving Back Pays Off

Whether the mantra is to be chef-driven or locally sourced, today’s restaurants are quick to communicate their ethos and let guests know what they value.

Parks & Rec Diner Forges its Own Identity

Named for the actual department in the Motor City’s government that called this space its home for 40 years—and not the former hit TV show—Parks & Rec Diner is introducing Detroit to the boundl

The Ever-Changing World of Restaurant Design

The rise of the celebrity chef has left little room for debate. When it comes to brand recognition, the strongest identifier for restaurants remains the men or women who don the culinary whites.

Digital Wallets Increase Table Turns

There’s little more frustrating for a restaurant guest ready to leave than waiting for the server to bring the check, biding time for the credit card payment to be picked up, and then lingering for