August 2014

Smart Menu Design

Great restaurant menus are as different as the people who create them, but they all have one thing in common—the

America’s Top 10 Restaurant Groups

A snapshot of the Top 10 restaurant groups based on their 2013 sales shows little movement from 2012, with the exception of newcomer Ignite Restaurant Group stepping onto the roster. ...

Don't Miss A Reservation Again

Many restaurants know the score. Miss a customer’s call to book a table for the evening and he might just dial the next number on his list and spend his money elsewhere.

Making Bank

It’s not enough to make great food and beverages; restaurant chains worth noting are those that make great financial strides as well.

Is Your Bar or Restaurant Accessible?

We were frustrated, disappointed, and annoyed. How could this happen? Aren’t there laws protecting us against this? It happened one sunny Mother’s Day afternoon…

Missed Manners

The night before I received an email titled “Summer Camps to Teach Children Restaurant Etiquette,” my husband and I had dinner at an upscale-casual Italian restaurant.