Just in time for the holiday season, Zuma New York introduced a new caviar and Krug Champagne experience.

Zuma’s take on the classic caviar and Champagne pairing uses Japanese flavors to complement Sturia Oscietra Grand Cru caviar, served in a 30g tin, and Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne. Accompanying dishes include fresh yuzu tofu with smoked sea salt, nori rice crackers and matcha rice crackers, truffle soboro, crispy rice pearls, and wakamono.

Sturia’s ultimate caviar, the Oscietra Grand Cru, is selected for its firm grains and notes of marine flavors with a touch of dried fruit, while Krug’s Grand Cuvée offers freshness to complement the culinary components.

“Zuma is excited to partner with Sturia and Krug to deliver an unforgettable experience for our diners over the holidays,” says Oliver Lange, Zuma’s corporate executive chef. “We are passionate about serving the very best ingredients throughout our menu. Featuring Sturia’s exceptional caviar with Krug’s remarkable Champagne is an incredible treat I’m excited to share with our guests at this festive time of year.”

“Sturia is always looking for new and innovative ways for consumers to enjoy our caviar” says Paul Biboud-Lubeck, head of business development USA at Caviar Sturia. “We were thrilled when Zuma chose to feature our Oscietra Grand Cru in their new caviar service. Chef Lange’s unique and delicious Japanese accompaniments offer diners a luxurious and memorable experience.”

“Every glass of Krug Grande Cuvée is the fruit of many years of craft and patience. It is the ultimate expression of pleasure,” says director Olivier Krug.

“The new Zuma New York caviar pairing is an experience of gastronomic generosity, accentuated through Zuma’s inspired Japanese flavors,” Lange says.

Available exclusively in the Zuma Lounge for $250 for two, Zuma’s caviar and Champagne pairing is perfect for both a date nigth and end-of-year office entertaining. The caviar service can be ordered on its own or as an appetizer, with recommended dishes including Rib Eye Steak with Wafu Sauce and Garlic Chips, Roasted Lobster with Shizo-Ponzu Sauce, and Zuma’s signature Black Cod Marinated in Saikyo Miso with Homemade Hajikame.

The caviar and Champagne pairing is available during dinner hours, but pre-reservation is encouraged, as quantities are limited.


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