ZONIN1821, the largest private winemaking company in Italy, announces the new design of their classic Prosecco Cuvée 1821, one of the top-selling Prosecco brands in the U.S. available in over 80 countries.

Zonin Prosecco Cuvée 1821 has been in the market since 2006 and is recognized today as one of the wines responsible for Prosecco’s meteoric rise, typifying the wine’s young, fresh style and youthful energy. The restyling of the label, now larger and featuring a clean-cut bar of teal offset against the dark bottle, updates its classic look to one that is contemporary and elegant, while maintaining its distinctive character.

“The new label gives greater value and visibility to Zonin Prosecco,” says Tim Matz, General Manager and Executive Vice President of ZoninUSA. “Our goal was to reinterpret the classic Prosecco and realign its positioning on the market to match modern taste. Prosecco is at its core about celebration and youthful freshness, and we wanted the packaging to evoke that.”

ZONIN1821’s most popular Prosecco represents a modern Italian lifestyle while at the same time recalling the roots of the Zonin family, which has been producing wine in the traditional home of Prosecco since 1821.

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