Ziosk, an industry-leading technology platform that helps restaurants increase operational efficiency and optimize the guest experience, is ushering in a new era of innovation with the appointment of three new executive leadership team members: Chief Technology Officer Eric Neilson, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer Steve Beckham, and Chief Innovation Officer Sandro Natale.

“As we continue our journey toward elevating the dining experience, our goal at Ziosk is to better understand our clients’ guests and ensure that we’re providing the tools necessary to help meet their needs on their terms,” says Rhonda Levene, president, Ziosk. “Each executive brings a different perspective to our business and understanding of the guest based on their unique backgrounds which will be key in ultimately mapping out the future of the company and expanding our model to respond to the needs of the industry with more agility.”

Each executive has more than 25 years of individual experience to contribute to the role. Neilson, who most recently served as a director for SiriusXM, brings with him experience in product development and management. Beckham’s experience has been focused on entrepreneurial environments, as well as iconic food, beverage and family dining companies, supplying him with extensive knowledge of early-stage growth and the hospitality industry. Natale, previously a long-time director at AT&T, is well-versed in technology, revenue growth and product lifecycle development.

Although each individual brings a strong skillset from past endeavors, the combination of their experiences in technology, innovation, guest experience, restaurants, hospitality, and retail, creates a new, fresh dimension on the Ziosk leadership team.

With the launch of the PRO Server Tablet and many other exciting announcements on the horizon, Ziosk is transforming as an organization. This tangible shift, which requires a depth of experience, is what led to the evolution of the team. The company, led by Rhonda Levene, is continuously expanding its data, analytics and intelligence capabilities.

All three additions will help support and drive organizational growth, and create the momentum needed to propel Ziosk into the future.

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