Ziosk announced a new relationship with Microsoft. A new solution, which will come to market in Q2/2024, brings two technology leaders together to deliver the restaurant and hospitality technology platform of the future.

Building upon their longstanding relationship and Ziosk’s utilization of Microsoft Azure, the fusion of these industry leaders promises a dynamic and innovative restaurant and hospitality technology ecosystem. With a united vision of elevating restaurant efficiency and guest satisfaction, this expanded alliance represents Microsoft’s most significant step into the hospitality segment to date. And Ziosk will be one of the first hospitality partners to fully embrace Microsoft’s cutting-edge Fabric (One Lake) unified analytic solution.

“Microsoft Azure has revolutionized the way we approach restaurant technology because it’s a tailored solution that understands the nuances and needs of the industry,” says Ziosk Chief Technology Officer Eric Neilson. “Azure’s stability and user-friendliness are game-changers, allowing our team to focus more on creating innovative technology solutions for our clients.”

Having trailblazed hospitality technology over a decade ago, Ziosk brings forward a comprehensive integration of digital restaurant solutions within a single, versatile platform. Notably, Ziosk recently introduced groundbreaking spatial recognition technology for restaurants, enabling seamless guest service throughout the entire venue, both indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, Microsoft brings to the table its highly scalable cloud platform and also Fabric, which provides an all-in-one comprehensive analytics solution spanning data logistics, real-time analytics, and predictive business intelligence. Together, Ziosk and Microsoft Fabric will create a hospitality-centric cloud platform that positions Microsoft’s Azure services as an unparalleled choice among competitors.

“The Ziosk collaboration enables Microsoft to offer a tailor-made restaurant and hospitality cloud platform to their customers with Ziosk as the premier solution provider on the Azure platform,” adds Ziosk president & COO Rhonda Levene. We take pride in pioneering the use of Microsoft’s One Lake/Fabric in the hospitality space.”

For restaurant customers and hospitality groups, the combined solutions unlock a suite of advanced services, including:
AI and machine learning-powered tools enhancing service optimization.

Deeper guest understanding and real-time insights through survey data, facilitating a true VIP dining experience.

Predictive analytics for improved forecasting for factors like labor and inventory.

Enhanced data security and expanded storage capabilities.

A resilient, stable cloud-based system providing the peace of mind that comes with no down time.

Guests, too, stand to gain an array of benefits, including:

Personalization and curated offerings based on order history.

Empowerment and increased control over their dining journey.

A seamless guest journey from start to finish.

An enhanced dining experience that is delivered on their terms.

“This collaboration with Ziosk underscores Microsoft’s commitment to pioneering the future of hospitality technology through robust cloud solutions that leverage Microsoft Azure’s capabilities and Ziosk’s industry insight,” says Jonathan Swartz, Microsoft Azure General Manager. “It is a testament to our shared vision of reshaping the dining landscape. We are not just integrating systems; we are crafting an experience.”

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