Zep, a leading consumable chemical packaged goods company that manufactures a wide variety of high-performance maintenance and cleaning chemicals today announced the introduction of Pan Rejuvenator, a patent-pending, presoak treatment that dissolves heavy carbonized soils and baked-on food that commonly accumulate over time on aluminum pots, pans, and cookware.  It decreases the need for manual scrubbing and removes food soil that is not easily removed through a regular wash procedure.

Pan Rejuvenator gives commercial kitchens and bakeries a convenient, cost-effective way to clean pans in-house instead of using an expensive and time-consuming external service or constantly purchasing new pans. It is ideal for bakeries, hospitality, and other food service operations that want to remove carbonized soils in-house, on their own schedule, to protect the quality of their food products.

“This new product is another example of Zep’s continuing commitment to meeting the cleaning and sanitizing needs of food service operations,” says Tammy Nichols, Food Segment Marketing manager, Zep North American Sales & Service. “Our line of food service products is backed by the professional support of our food-certified representatives to ensure expert on-site service and support.”

“We searched a long time for a chemical that could help us clean our soiled aluminum Pizza bakery pan trays,” says Getachew Begashaw, Food Safety/Sanitation team leader, Whole Foods Market-South Kitchen. “After thorough testing in our facility, we decided to use Pan Rejuvenator from Zep. We are now seeing a 75-80 percent improvement in the appearance of even our most heavily soiled aluminum trays.”

Pan Rejuvenator offers a flexible and economical solution for a variety of pan-cleaning needs. For heavily soiled pans, it can be diluted 1:1 with water with a soak time between 12 and 24 hours. For lightly soiled pans, it can be diluted 1:4 with a soak time of four to eight hours. And for heavy build-up of caramelized oils, it can be used straight.

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