Zenreach, creator of the Walk-Through Rate, announced Zenreach Attract, the first product to let retailers who operate real-world locations connect their online advertising with measurable in-store results. By measuring actual visits rather than online approximations, Zenreach is able to build audiences and optimize marketing that dramatically improves the performance of digital ad campaigns

The product has been in use for nearly a year with clients like Peet’s Coffee. Zenreach Attract campaigns outperform the industry average by almost 4x, delivering an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of 10:1 compared to the industry average of about 2.7:1.

“Zenreach has given us a way to reach customers we may not have otherwise been able to,” says Lisa Regelman, Director of Digital Engagement and Loyalty for Peet’s Coffee, “and connect our digital campaigns with measurable in-store results.”

Until now, brick-and-mortar merchants haven’t been able to directly measure the end results of their online advertising. They rely instead on online measures of success such as “clicks.” But these digital approximations often cause advertisers to overspend on certain audience segments while undervaluing others.

“This is a critical next step in the retargeting revolution in online advertising and we see first-hand how that capability is dramatically reshaping the marketing landscape,” says John Kelly, Zenreach CEO. “Connecting digital advertising to real-world results has the potential to provide an even bigger impact.”

Zenreach tracked the in-store results from millions of online ad impressions during the fourth quarter of 2018 and found that, although conversion from online impression to online engagement was reasonably predictable based on targeting, conversion from online engagement to in-store purchase varied dramatically: Performance varied by as much as 12x.

While people are spending more time online, more than 90% of retail transactions still take place in brick-and-mortar businesses. That’s why it’s so important to understand how online ads affect in-store results. Thanks to Zenreach Attract, retailers buying online advertising to attract customers no longer need to rely on digital estimates to know if their advertising is working.

“Our agency is fanatical about linking restaurant sales to advertising spend,” says Dan Bejmuk, CEO of Dreambox. “Zenreach’s Attract Platform has already exceeded our initial objectives; their reporting on guest-acquisition costs based on actual visits has allowed us to optimize delivery of ads and continually lower those costs.”

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