Zenput, a leader in mobile operations management for retail stores and restaurants, announced Tuesday an integration with BlueTherm probe thermometers, which lets restaurants, franchises, and other multi-unit food service businesses instantly measure and log temperature readings for all prepared foods. Together, the thermometer probe and Zenput’s mobile solution eliminate the need for food service workers or managers to manually log temperatures, guarantee exact readings every time, and ensure customers receive quality food in accordance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines. 

Businesses that sell and distribute food fall under HACCP regulations that are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration, and compliance is vital for these organizations to safeguard against foodborne illness. The regulations demand that all prepared food items reach specific temperatures and remain at those levels until they are consumed. Regulators make frequent spot checks, so workers and managers must do so, as well, not only for compliance, but also for customer satisfaction.

The BlueTherm probe, paired with the Zenput app, changes the way monitoring and compliance are managed in the workplace by instantly logging and recording food temperatures, which previously was done manually and tracked by pen and paper in each store. Now, corporate officers, district managers, and others can monitor their locations via the phone app without having to travel to each store to review the physical records, making it easier to ensure compliance is met and fix non-compliant food lines before they become problems. It also offers the ability to easily communicate readings, maintain a historical log to assess performance, remain compliant with regulations, and save time needed previously spent on manual processes.

“Our integration with BlueTherm is part of our ongoing strategy to give our customers an easier way to manage their employees and business,” says Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder of Zenput. “Workers can now instantly log food temps and maintain ideal environments, allowing them to immediately rectify exceptions and devote more of their time and attention to customer service.”

For more information, visit www.zenput.com.

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