The Da Bruno Italian Restaurants Marbella Group release Bruno’s special recipe—Risotto with Pumpkin and Shrimps, which makes a delicious, healthy and easy dish which looks great on the table.

The co-founder, Bruno Filippone, has released this recipe amongst many others in a book which will raise money for the CRECE Foundation, which is a charity in Marbella which supports the families of children with special needs.

Bruno’s Ingredients for Risotto with Pumpkin and Shrimps are:

2 pumpkin halves (medium size), risotto rice 150 gr, 1 shallot, prawns (clean) 150 gr, chicken stock 300 gr, grated parmesan cheese 60 gr, butter 150 gr, olive oil, salt and pepper.

How To Make Risotto with Pumpkin and Shrimps

Firstly clean the pumpkin and remove the “pumpkin meat” with a spoon. Then you chop the shallot finely and stir fry it with some olive oil and the prawns in a casserole. (For this to turn out in the way an Italian or continental would eat it, try to buy fresh and large prawns).

Next add the rice and let it cook only for a few seconds. Then add the pumpkin meat and chicken stock and let it all boil gently until the rice is almost, but not quite done.

Then add the butter and the parmesan cheese, taste and season to your liking, and let it rest covered for a minute or two. Then put the rice inside each half pumpkin, decorating them with chopped parsley.

As you can see this Da Bruno recipe is easy to make and actually it is healthy also.

Pumpkin is a great source of beta-carotene; a super important anti-oxidant. It also contains beta-cryptoxanthin which may decrease the possibility of contracting lung cancer for smokers. It contains other anti-aging properties, promotes healthy vision and helps the immune system to function. Pumpkins are also an excellent source of fiber. When served up this simple recipe looks very mouth-watering.

As mentioned this is only one out of many recipes which can be found on the Da Bruno website and also in a convenient book form in aid of charity.

The Da Bruno restaurant group began operating in Marbella in 1994 with the launch of Pasta Da Bruno after which followed the opening of Da Bruno Home (1999), Da Bruno Cabopino A (2001), Da Bruno Sul Mare ( 2002), Da Bruno to San Pedro (2005), and also at Da Bruno Cabopino Take Away and Delicatessen (2008). 

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